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Pikmin (New Play Control!) Cheats "Emperor Bulbax strategies" (Nintendo Wii)


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Emperor Bulbax strategies

-Use the following strategy to defeat Emperor Bulbax without using the bomb rocks technique. Gather around 20 Red Pikmin and use the grass near his lair to turn them into flowers. Throw a Pikmin at him to wake him up. After he awakens, he will try to lick up your entire group. When he is preparing to attack he stands motionless for a few moments. During this time, run to either side of his face and throw as many Pikmin as possible on his cheek. His head is vulnerable. Call them back when he shakes them off. Repeat the process. If done correctly, you can defeat him when your time is just past quarter of noon, leaving enough time to take the last piece (the Secret Safe) back to the ship and finish the game.

-Get about 70 Red Pikmin, around 20 Yellow Pikmin, and no Blue Pikmin. When you reach the arena where the Bulbax is located, run around the outside of the sandy area while avoiding waking him up. Find a wall and have your Pikmin destroy the wall to enter a small place behind the sandy arena. Split your Pikmin into groups. Create two groups of 35 Red Pikmin and a group of around 20 Yellow Pikmin. Select one Yellow Pikmin and have it grab a Bomb Rock sitting near the entrance to the arena. You will see them after you break down the wall. Lead only that Yellow Pikmin out into the arena and wake up Emperor Bulbax. When he awakens, he will look to see what woke him. Run back toward your other Pikmin but don’t leave the arena. When Emperor Bulbax turns around, throw the Yellow Pikmin at him. If done right, as Emperor Bulbax opens his mouth to eat your lone Yellow Pikmin, it will throw the Bomb Rock into his open mouth and stun him. Now grab a team of Red Pikmin and begin throwing them on the Bulbax's face. When the Bulbax recovers, he will throw the Pikmin off him. Call your Pikmin back and repeat the process. This method allows for minimal casualties and is a lot more fun.

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