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Pikmin (New Play Control!) Cheats "Libra hints" (Nintendo Wii)


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Libra hints

-To get the part that Captain Olimar got from his daughter, take around 40 Red Pikmin to knock down the wall and build the bridge. Then take them to kill the fire shooting enemies. Now go back to the Onion and get around 20 Yellow Pikmin and 5 Blue Pikmin. take them to the floating island and shoot the Yellow Pikmin onto the ledge. Have the Blue Pikmin activate the geyser. Once you go on top of the ledge, launch your Yellow Pikmin to get the part and bring it off the ledge. Now have your Red Pikmin grab the part and take it back.

-Grab 60 Red Pikmin, 20 Yellow Pikmin, and 20 Blue Pikmin. Take only the Red Pikmin and kill all the Fiery Blowhogs and the single Wollywog near the shore. Afterwards, grab all your Pikmin and have them destroy the gate. When the gate is gone, have the Red Pikmin build the bridge while you carefully guide the Blue Pikmin through the flame jet path. Use the Blue Pikmin to activate the geyser in the water and go back through the flame jet path. Now grab your Yellow Pikmin and go through the yet path. Toss them up to the Libra and have them carry it down the ledge. Now have Red Pikmin carry the part back since they won’t be hurt by the fire.

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