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Pikmin (New Play Control!) Cheats "Saving drowning Pikmin" (Nintendo Wii)


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Saving drowning Pikmin

- Keep blowing your whistle at drowning Pikmin to lure them toward land.

-Keep your Red or Yellow Pikmin from drowning by having Blue Pikmin near the border but don’t have them selected. If a Red or Yellow Pikmin falls in the water near a Blue Pikmin, the Blue Pikmin will go to the drowning Pikmin and throw them on land.

-If you intentionally put Red or Yellow Pikmin in the water, press B and try to get them out of danger or put a group of nearby Blue Pikmin in the water near the suffering Pikmin and press X to deselect them. The Blue Pikmin should throw their fellow Pikmin out of the water and onto safe land.

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