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Pikmin (New Play Control!) Cheats "Three parts in one day" (Nintendo Wii)


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Three parts in one day

You can only do this when you go to the Forest Navel for the first time. First get the Blue Pikmin, then knock some of the flowers with the pellets down. Wait for the Breadbug to appear and let it grab the pellets. Throw two Blue Pikmin and let them drag the pellet back to the Onion so that the bug gets hurt. Repeat this until it dies. Next, get 15 Blue Pikmin to carry the part to the ship. Get around 20 Red Pikmin and have them build the stick leading to the gear. They should automatically grab the part when they finish the stick. Wait until they fall down. If they are short, gather more and put the rest back into the Onion. Next, get more Red Pikmin and kill the fire pig things then take 30 Yellow Pikmin to build the bridge. When they are done, have them grab the part and make Red Pikmin protect the Yellow Pikmin.

-When you first enter the Forest Of Hope, grab the Electric Fuel Dynamo. After that, go to where there’s a Bulborb guarding the Shock Absorber. Throw you Pikmin on the platform and cross on a big tree root that will get you up there. Call your Pikmin and ambush him from behind. Kill it and get the Shock Absorber. Then, find the Yellow Pikmin and blow up the wall with bombs. Use the Red Pikmin to collect the Whimsical Radar. Note: You have the best chance if most of your Pikmin are flowers.

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