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Pokemon Battle Revolution Cheats "Unlockable Battle Pass Backgrounds" (Nintendo Wii)


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Unlockable Battle Pass Backgrounds

Unlock the following Battle Pass backgrounds by performing the corresponding tasks:

Plus Minus - View all battle tutorials.
Gateway Colosseum - Complete Gateway Colosseum.
Main Street Colosseum - Complete Main Street Colosseum.
Waterfall Colosseum - Complete Waterfall Colosseum.
Neon Colosseum - Complete Neon Colosseum.
Crystal Colosseum - Complete Crystal Colosseum.
Sunny park Colosseum - Complete Sunny Park Colosseum.
Magma Colosseum - Complete Magma Colosseum.
Sunset Colosseum - Complete Sunset Colosseum.
Courtyard Colosseum - Complete Courtyard Colosseum.
Stargazer Colosseum - Complete Stargazer Colosseum.
Poketopia Train - Complete Stargazer Colosseum.
Poketopia Ship - Complete Stargazer Colosseum.
Poketopia Jet - Complete Stargazer Colosseum.
Stream Pink - Complete Rank 1 of any colosseum.
Star Yellow - Complete Rank 2 of any colosseum.
Ball Mosaic Aqua - Complete Rank 3 of any colosseum.
Stream Green - Complete Rank 4 of any colosseum.
Star Pink - Complete Rank 5 of any colosseum.
Ball Mosaic Sepia - Complete Rank 6 of any colosseum.
Light Pastel - Complete Rank 7 of any colosseum.
Shiny Cobalt - Complete Rank 8 of any colosseum.
Groudon Red - Collect 20 friend Passes online.
Kyogre Blue - Collect 40 friend Passes online.
Rayquaza Green - Collect 60 friend Passes online.
Pearl Wave - Complete 50 opponents in the Courtyard Survival challenge.
Diamond Dust - Complete all 100 opponents in the Courtyard Survival challenge.
Ball Collection - Defeat all 8 sets in the Stargazer Colosseum master battle.

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