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Prince Of Persia: Rival Swords Cheats "Vizier strategy" (Nintendo Wii)

Game also available for:   PSP


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Vizier strategy

-When the battle starts in the arena, he'll charge at you. Just evade by rolling to the side. Eventually, the boss will levitate and throw large pieces of stone debris. Again, dodge the attack by side rolling. Get close and hit the boss a couple times if it tires out.

-After this phase, the boss will then summon a large sand twister that can kill you. Seek out a pillar at the edge of the arena that lets you wall run vertically and execute a speed kill. Do the displayed commands to cut off the boss' wings.

-For the final phase, the boss floats high off the ground and the prince is forced to do a series of jumps, leaps, and siddles on the floating stones to reach the boss. The boss will shoot you with energy blasts, so time your own jumps to have something obstructing the boss' line of sight. When you get close to the boss, the prince should start executing the last and final speed-kill.

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