Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 3


Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:

King Sword - Beat The Beast a third time to get the magical sphere powers. Return to the second stage entrance for the Crystal
Prince of Persia Classic - At the start of the game, go to the first waterfall for the Green Retro Potion
Prince Sword - At the entrance to the tank, step on the bug to unlock Squish
Sand Dagger - On The Challenge of Wisdom, go down the stairs and get ontot he pipe to get Cannonball
The Sands of Time Prince Costume - The Menagerie of the Myths holds the Blue Retro Potion
The Two Thrones Dark Prince Costume - Search The Water Bearer's map for the Red Retro Potion
Wall Breaker - Look under Mah's statue for the Monolith

Rating 1

Sarcophagus locations

Search the following locations to find all ten Sarcophagi. When you come near a Sarcophagus, you will hear a sound and see their blue orb glow:

-Close to the exit of "The Stables", climb to the top of the octagonal-shaped room.

-In "The Fortress Courtyard", jump to the platform under the circular switch you have to activate to progress through the level.

-After the spiked floors in "The Fortress Courtyard", drop off the main path and slide along the series of ledges to reach the Sarcophagus.

-Near the exit of "The Prison", activate the switch to open the gate. As you run past the traps to roll under the closing door, but before you exit the prison, go to the right to climb the wall. Then, go right again.

-At the start of "The Sewer", when climbing the frozen water spout, jump towards the beam. Use the frozen water spout again to reach a second beam above the first one. Then, jump over a gap to reach the Sarcophagus.

-Near the exit of "The Sewer", walk along the side path on the left. Then, freeze the water to swing across the gap and reach the Sarcophagus on the other end.

-Enter a room in "The Royal Chambers" with a water spout on the left with switches to its sides. Then, freeze the water and use it to jump towards each switch. The Sarcophagus is behind a door that opens after activating both switches.

-In the middle of "The Royal Chambers" there is a room with a waterfall on both sides and two accompanying water spouts. Freeze the water, jump up to the second water spout, and use it to jump towards the waterfall. While in mid-air, immediately unfreeze your ability so you will go straight through the waterfall and land on a ledge. Then, climb up to find the Sarcophagus.

-Near the exit of "The Royal Chambers", jump on a ledge to the right of the water wheel room and proceed on the ledge without freezing the water. Then, perform a wall run up from the ledge to reach the wall. Jump off the wall to reach a pole. Jump off the pole to another ledge, and move left across it to find the Sarcophagus.

-At the start of "The Throne Room", climb the wall on the left until you reach the balcony to find the last Sarcophagus.

Rating 1

"This is Persia" Achievement hint

This task involves kicking an enemy into the pit. The ideal enemy for this is the priestess, who usually evades all of your attacks. To trick her, stand so that the Prince is next to a pit, with the edge to his side and the priestess in front of him. Chain together four attacks so the Prince should end up facing away from the pit with the priestess behind him. If not, move away and try again. If she is, immediately freeze her in place and attack once more. It should be a kick that sends her off the edge.

Rating 0

Screen saver

If you wait long enough without using the controller, the camera will begin to display different close-up angles of the prince. Also, it will sometimes show a cinematic tour of your current location.