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Punch-Out!! Cheats "Sandman strategy" (Nintendo Wii)

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Sandman strategy

Use the following strategy to defeat Sandman (title defense) in Round 1. He's pretty  challenging so remember that he winks twice before his "Tyson" punches. Punch him to stop his attack. You will get a star if the punch is on the same side as the winking eye. It's usually his left (your right) that will wink first. Once you have your two stars, let him have it and immediately punch him with the left hand in the face after the uppercut. This is when the fight gets tougher. He will start attacking in the following order; two fast downward punches, the "Night-Night" punch, the "Stand Still" punch, and then the side punch. The special punches (Night-Night and Stand Still) will take a while for him to wind up to confuse you. There are two ways to get past this. You can do it the easy way and simply dodge and counter when you can while throwing in extra punches to the head. After that, deal with his Dreamland Express attack. Or, you can do it the hard way, which is how to complete the "take him down in under 33 seconds" challenge. When he's about to hit you, stop him by punching him like you did with the winks. If done correctly, you should get a star each time, but he has to be close when you hit him. You only need four more stars if you did the "punch when he winks" technique correctly. In total, when the six stars appear on him, he will go down. He will get up at either "3" or "4", depending on how you hit him. He will then get up. Do the same thing you did with the winking attacks. Be careful though since you don't know which eye he will wink with and, after the second one, there is a delay before the third wink. After that third star, release it, and the follow up punch. He will now back up for the Dreamland Express attack. Try to punch him with your right hand. He will probably dodge and say "My turn!". Duck his punch and hit him in the head, followed by four body blows, and finally a head shot. Dodge his first uppercuts. If hit by the first uppercut, it will not penalize you. Just dodge the next two, then give him the head shot followed by six body blows, and finally the head shot. He will do the "Night-Night" punch so be ready to punch him for that star and use it. He should then go down. If not, punch him again when he does the side punch immediately after and hopefully get an extra star. He will now growl when he gets up, indicating that his "Tyson" punches will come at you at double the speed. When he winks, do what you did before and punch him for a star. Just make sure you punch with the left first. If you have a leftover star it will help, but if not and you took him out a bit early with that last uppercut, both will end with about the same time. However, if you didn't have to punch him again, you should get a faster time. Get three stars and unleash on him. He'll then say "Oh, come on!". The problem with this match is that is takes plenty of courage and skill to win, but at least it isn't the most difficult fight in the game.

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