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Punch-Out!! Cheats "Von Kaiser strategies" (Nintendo Wii)

Game also available for:   Wii U


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Von Kaiser strategies

-Use the following strategy to defeat Von Kaiser 1 in only five punches. This is pretty easy to accomplish. First, get three stars. To get stars, punch him at the correct moment whenever he shakes his head for the punch. Listen for the four clicks, then punch. Go for the head since it'll inflict more damage. After that, dodge his next punch and counter it with your own punch. He'll then cramp up. Before he says "Mommy!", wind up your uppercut. If done correctly, you'll K.O. him. This will require plenty of practice.

-Use the following strategy to defeat Von Kaiser in Title Defense mode. In phase one, Von Kaiser always shakes his head before he throws a punch. For his regular(slow) jab, throw a correctly-timed punch to the head to get a star. If you immediately throw a gut punch afterwards, he will stand up straight faster. Be sure to time your jab and immediately throw a hook. You will do this twice in this phase. He'll then stat using his uppercut. The timing is slightly different but use the same method as you did with his jab. Time a jab and throw a hook after it. You must be patient because the next jab takes a while. Dodge and counter with a jab and an uppercut for the first down. In phase two the fight gets confusing. He will back up and do a spin punch. Dodge it and counter with six jabs, then use a hook immediately afterwards. Wait a bit and then throw a punch. If timed correctly, you'll stop his fast jab. His slow jab and uppercut are next. Use the previously described tactics to deal with those attacks also. After those two, he will do a fake uppercut. Hook at the correct moment, and once you hook him, throw an uppercut as soon as possible. He will do one more fake uppercut. Hook, then time a jab just after he lands. In phase three, use the same method with the spin punch. He will do another fake uppercut before a  real uppercut. For the fake uppercut, time the hook just right. For the real uppercut, do the same thing as in phases one and two. After the jab and hook get you a third star, launch it. He will go down quickly. This is a difficult strategy but will get you a quick time.

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