Rampage: Total Destruction Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 6

Hidden monsters

Unlock the following Monsters by destroying the corresponding blocks with the specified Monsters:

Leon - Harry's, Las Vegas. Use Boris.
Kingston - Harry's, Las Vegas. Use Kyle.
Jack - Harry's, Las Vegas. Use Sarah.
Marco - Pacific Heights, San Francisco. Use Lizzie.
Shelby - Pacific Heights, San Francisco. Use Cal.
Natalie - Chocolate Factory, San Francisco. Use Bart.
Kyle - Mayfair, London. Use Boris.
Icky - Mayfair, London. Use Wally.
Edwin - Mayfair, London. Use Wally.
Plucky - Turtle Creek, Dallas. Use Ralph.
Fifi - Turtle Creek, Dallas. Use Rojo.
Cyril - Turtle Creek, Dallas. Use Sarah.
Cal - Studio B, Los Angeles. Use Plucky.
Bart - Studio B, Los Angeles. use Shelby.
Amanda - Studio B, Los Angeles. Use Jack.
Rojo - Michigan Avenue, Chicago. Use Rhette
Harry - Michigan Avenue, Chicago. Use Cyril.
Nick - Michigan Avenue, Chicago. Use Squirmy
Croc - Technology Park, Hong Kong. Use Kyle.
Venus - Technology Park, Hong Kong. Use Jack.
Jill - Technology Park, Hong Kong. Use Sarah.
Wally - Garment District, New York. Use Ruby.
Rocky - Garment District, New York. Use Cyril.
Joe - Garment District, New York. Use Icky.

Rating 5

Item Effects

The following items have the corresponding effects on the specified characters:

Bananas - Good for George
Chili Peppers - Good for Nick
Fire - Good for Nick
Poison - Good for Kingston
Steak - Harmful for Rojo

Rating 4

Unlockable Monsters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Bubba the Blob - Unlock the other 23 bonus monsters.
Eyegore the Alien - Beat the game with the "All Challenges Met" award for all cities.
Philbert the Ungulate - Beat the game with the "Par Scores Met" award for all cities.
Brian - Fully upgrade 12 monsters.
Fabio - Fully upgrade 3 monsters.
Sarah - Fully upgrade 6 monsters.
Squirmy - Fully upgrade 1 monster.
Vern - Fully upgrade 20 monsters.

Rating 4

Avoid Police Pursuit

To avoid more policeman from coming after you, kill a policeman while he is outside of his vehicle. Do not destroy the vehicle.

Rating 3

Restore health

To restore your health, complete a block and then select "Change Monster". Choose the same monster you completed the block with.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

To bring up the code entry screen, at the Main Menu simultaneously press Minus + Plus. Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

All levels - "271828"
All levels and monsters - "141421"
All special abilities - "011235
One-hit building destruction - "071767"
Invincibility - "986960"
Demo mode with two monsters - "082864
Instant demo mode with two monsters - "874098"
View opening sequence - "667300"
View ending sequence - "667301"
View credits - "667302"
Display version number - "314159"
Disable all cheats - "000000"

Rating 0

Gasoline Trucks

To instantly destroy a building, pick up a gasoline truck and throw it at the building.

Rating 0

Automatic monster unlocking

Allow the game to begin demo mode and have it auto-play. Any monsters unlocked by the CPU during demo mode will remain unlocked for your game.