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Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Cheats "Harvest Eggs" (Nintendo Wii)


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Harvest Eggs

-If you’d like to earn money to tune up or purchase additional weapons before you continue on with the game this is a good way to do it as long as you have time to kill.

-Where ever you see chickens running around hang around for a while and they’ll lay an egg. Once you collect a couple eggs leave the area and come back. The chickens will lay more eggs each time you leave and return to the area.

-One of the best locations to do this is the area where you first see the Blue Medallions and receive the memo from the merchant. That area has three cows are in the pen and two in the barn. There are about six chickens running around in both pens. This one can definitely take some time, but the chickens have all day and seem to lay an endless number of eggs.

White Egg = 300 peseta
Brown Egg = 600 peseta
Golden Egg = 3000 peseta

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