Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 7

Leon costume glitch

After completing Separate Ways, select the Special Outfit #2. During some of the intermission sequences, Leon will be in his regular clothes. After the scene, he will then be in the special outfit again.

Rating 6

Easy money

Shoot the bell at the church three times and some villagers will appear. Kill them to get money or other items. Repeat as desired.

Rating 6

Double Broken Butterfly Ammo

If you buy the broken butterfly before you find it, you can hold twice the ammo. The shopkeeper will not sell you this gun if you already have it.

Rating 5

Thompson (Chicago Typewriter)

-Complete Operation Ada, and the "Chicago Typewriter", a Thompson with 10.0 firepower, infinite ammo, no reload, and the fire rate of a maxed out TMP, becomes available at the merchant.

-Completing Operation Ada will only unlock the Chicago Typewriter for Ada in her Separate Ways mission and not any other mode.

-To unlock the Thompson for Leon's mission you need to beat the Ada's Separate Ways mission.

Rating 5

Easy money

To earn easy money while replaying the game, carry an empty Handcannon. It costs no money to have but you'll find ammunition for it occasionally. You can sell Handcannon ammo for more than any other type of ammo in the game. Use the Chicago Typewriter as your main gun while doing this.

Rating 5

Platform glitch

When you go into the room where you fight Salazaar, look in front of Leon. The room looks just like during the fight. However, when you step forward, there is cutscene where Salazaar is standing on a platform that was not there before.

Rating 5

Milita strategy

Rather than shooting for the head, shoot them in the knee then walk up to them. Instead "Kick", "Suplex" will appear. This should kill them instantly. However, this will not work if their head is armored.

Rating 4

Punisher Weapon

Shoot 10 of the fifteen blue medallions in the game. There is a map you can find in the farm area just beyond the first village with the bell tower. After collecting the map, the locations of all fifteen medallions will appear on your map. When you've destroyed at least 10, talk to the merchant for a free gun.

Rating 4

Easy unlocking characters in Mercenaries mode

When beginning Mercenaries mode, play as Leon and go to the castle. It is much easier to get a good ranking because you can give the enemies a suplex, which almost always kills them in one hit. When you get Krauser from the castle you can then go to other areas, and it will make it much easier because of his arm.

Rating 4

Stupid enemy AI

Equip a shotgun and find a small area with a door. When at least two enemies come through the door, shoot the one nearest to you. The other should run back through the door and go to a different part of the area you are in, as if you were elsewhere. Note: This doesn‘t always work. Also, the enemy will somehow regain his or her senses and go back to you after a few seconds.

Rating 4

Special Costume 2

Complete the game a second time (you must load the once-cleared game file) on Normal or Professional difficulty (the costumes are stored separately with each difficulty) for special costume set 2.

Leon can do some hat tricks with this costume set. I haven’t had the chance to test out how to perform all the moves, but I believe you have to have the Chicago Typewriter weapon equipped to perform these somewhat comical actions (see list below):

Hat Adjust
Hold the ready weapon button (B) and perform the reload weapon gesture with the Wii Remote. Since this weapon has unlimited ammo Leon will just adjust his hat.

Hat Toss
Hold the ready weapon button (B) and perform a quick DOWN then UP motion with the Wii Remote. This is the more comical of the two gestures, but doesn’t always work; you may perform the Hat Adjust move more often.

Ashley will unlock a metal suit of armor that protects her from any damage and prevents enemies from carrying her away. Now you can leave Ashley were ever you desire in the current area without worrying about her being child-napped.

Rating 3

Beerstein and Elegant Mask hint

When you find these items, do not sell them immediately. You can increase the value of the items with gems.

Rating 3

Open doors quicker

To open doors quicker, when the "Open" command appears, tap A twice to kick it open. It will also damage any enemies behind the door.

Rating 2

Faster movement glitch

Bring up the inventory screen and select the Striker. Exit from the inventory and press the B button, then rapidly press the "-" button. Equip any weapon besides the Striker and leave the inventory screen. Now the glitch is activated and you can move twice as fast and shoot twice as fast. However, once you select the Striker, the glitch will be deactivated.

Rating 2

Ashley's Sliding Puzzle

To complete Ashley's puzzle with ease, take a look at the layout below:

Numbering the slots from top to bottom in that manner, hit the following positions in this order: 4, 7, 8, 9, 6, 3, 1, 7, 9.

Rating 2

Hidden cinematics

There are two hidden cinematics accessible at the title screen. One can be accessed by remaining idle at the main menu until it starts. The other can be seen by pressing B on the Wiimote at the same menu.

Rating 2

Chainsaw Ganados strategy

Make sure you have the Rocket Launcher and the Broken Butterfly Magnum from the castle. Also, have at least six magnum rounds. When the first Chainsaw Ganado appears, shoot the Rocket Launcher at him before the other Ganados get in the way. For the second one, pump all your Magnum rounds into him. If that does not kill him, then use your Striker or Riot Gun. Note: You might get damaged during all of this; make sure that you have at least three First Aid Sprays, and two Herb Mixes (Green, Red, or Green, Red, Yellow) to use if your health gets too low.

Rating 2

Avoiding enemies

-After using the chief's false eye to open the door, walk up the hill until the truck drives at you. Shoot it and get back. Once it explodes, walk back up the hill but move backwards. Keep going toward the castle and you should avoid facing the enemies that would usually appear.

-Use the following method to get through the town the first time. Rather than wasting ammunition and possibly dying, run upstairs after you enter the house and kick out the ladder. Then jump out. Quickly run to the top of the tower in the corner of the town. The villagers will throw Molotov cocktails into the tower but they won't kill you. After a while the villagers will go into the church. After this happens, use Herbs or a First Aid Spray to restore your health. Because the villagers are gone, you can also check the houses for ammunition and other items.

Rating 2

Clean Treasures

Before shooting a treasure into the dirty well, blast the piece of wood propping up the cover to keep the item clean. This is the only way that Ada will pick up those treasures and it will also ensure a higher value when selling to the merchant.

Rating 2

Different controls

-Disconnect the Nunchuk when the game is loading. When prompted to attach the Nunchuk, attach the Classic Controller instead. You can play classic style with Laser Sight and all.

-Remove the Nunchuk and insert a Gamecube controller into port one to have  laser sight on your weapons and be able to use all of the Gamecube's normal controls. Note: This is extremely helpful for sniping.

Rating 2

Chief Mendez glitch

When you enter the building where you fight Chief Mendez, there is a glitch that will allow you to defeat him with barely any damage. After the short cutscene where Leon blows up Chief Mendez with the gas tank, you will have to fight him. Run up the ladder directly behind to go to the catwalk. Go left and left again on the catwalk. There will be a group of metal boards nailed to the railing on top of the catwalk. If you wait there for about five seconds and remain still, Chief Mendez will just keep walking into the catwalk and not hurt you. Look for a small square cut out of the bottom right corner of the boards. You will be able to shoot him in the face though it but he cannot hurt you. This may not work if you are standing too far to the left or right of the boards. This also only works when he is in his first centipede form.

Rating 2

Saving ammunition

-For parasites of Los Ganados or Los Illuminados, quickly throw a flash grenade. Once it explodes, it should make the parasites explode and die, thus saving your other ammunition.

-After completing Separate Ways, you will unlock the extra suit for Ashley. Press "+" to make her wait and run a short distance away. Enemies that try to pick her up in the suit will fall down as if they were shot in the leg. When this happens, run up and attack them with your knife while they get up. You can also use her to distract enemies.

-When playing through the game on Professional difficulty, you may find yourself running out of ammunition just before a part where you need it most. When this happens, run back to the merchant and upgrade your weapon's "Capacity". This will refill your clip with extra ammunition and give you a full chamber.

-When facing a Ganado, Illuminado, or Militia at close range that is either alone or a reasonable distance from other enemies, use only your pistol weapon since handgun ammo is by far the most common and a single round most likely will not be missed. Aim at the Ganado and shoot him in the face. As soon as you do this, he will most likely recoil and start writhing in pain for a few seconds. Take this opportunity to run up to him and kick him so that he dies or gets knocked down. If he does not die and is just stunned, immediately run to him and use the quick knife (flicking the Wiimote). Make sure that you manually aim (hold Nunchuk C and press A) because it is stronger than the quick knife attack. Keep tapping A to knife him as much as possible. Usually the won't die right away but sometimes they will before they stand up. Repeat until he's dead and you will have only wasted one bullet on him. Note: If more enemies are coming, back off. Take out your shotgun weapon and blast them all to the ground as they are grouped around you, then throw an incendiary or hand grenade. They will all be dead and you will have still wasted less ammo than if you had shot at them. Also, the single bullet-kick-knife strategy only works on regular infantry. In other words, Chainsaw Ganados, Chaingun Militia, or any other infrequent enemy that has more than standard health will result in failure. Also on Militia and some Illuminados you can "suplex" if prompted instead of "kick", which will almost always kill your enemy on the spot.

Rating 2

Easily unlock characters in Mercenary mode

When starting Mercenaries mode, play as Leon and head to the castle. It's much easier to get a good ranking because you can suplex enemies, which almost always kills them in one hit. When unlock Krauser from the castle, you can then go to other areas. It will then be even easier with his arm.

Rating 1


When entering the bedroom after the garden, look on the roof of the bed. You should see a sparkling object. It is a spinel.

Rating 1

Snake in boxes hint

Occasionally when you destroy the wooden crates a snake will jump out and bite you. If you keep slicing with your knife when the box breaks, you can kill the snake and receive a healing egg. Always slash more than once when breaking boxes to kill a snake should it appear.

Rating 1

Completion bonuses

Complete the game to unlock the following:

-Alternate costumes for Ashley, Leon, and Ada
Infinite Rocket Launcher
Professional mode
Extras menu with "Bonus", "Separate Ways", "Assignment Ada", "Mercenaries", and "Movie Browser" options.
"Wii Edition credits" option in the "Bonus" menu.

-Complete the game on Professional difficulty to unlock the PRL 412 weapon.

-Complete Separate Ways mode to unlock Ashley's armored knight and Leon's suit.

-Complete Assignment Ada and Separate Ways mode to unlock the Chicago Typewriter weapon for purchase for one million Pesetas.

-Complete Mercenaries mode with all characters with a five star rank to unlock the Handcannon weapon.

Rating 1

Regenerators strategies

-If you find your rifle is empty, you can also defeat the Regenerator by shooting a mine into the spot around the parasite. If it is on its back, simply shoot its legs with your handgun then fire a mine into its back. If this does not work, scout out where the parasite is on the Regenerator and try again.

-When low on ammo, shoot the Regenerator in the leg with a powerful gun to make it fall to the ground. Run up to it and slash it with the knife. Once you start attacking it, it will not be able to fight back or stand up. Keep attacking it until it dies. Note: Regenerators can attack you while they are on the ground, so you may get hit once. However, this technique saves much needed ammunition for the island and sewers. Make sure to have at least an Herb and be ready for an action command.

Rating 1

Best weapon choices

To save health and ammo, always choose your equipped weapon according to where you are. The following table lists the types of weapons followed by a description detailing the prime situations of when to use the specific weapon type:

Pistol - Medium to large or open (Wide spread, close-medium range enemies)
Shotgun - Closed or narrow (Closely grouped, close range enemies)
Machine gun - Medium to large or open (Loosely grouped, close to medium range enemies)
Rifle - Large or open (Very wide spread, far away enemies)
Grenade - Any where (Closely or loosely grouped, close range, preferably stunned or knocked down enemies)

Rating 1

Unlockable Mercenaries Mode Characters

Unlock the following characters in Mercenaries mode by getting a four star rank in the corresponding Mercenaries mode levels:

Ada Wong - Pueblo
Albert Wesker - Waterworld
Hunk - Island
Jack Krauser - Castle

Rating 1

Leon’s gangster hat trick

To make Leon do a special trick with his hat, unlock the Chicago Typewriter and gangster costume. At any point in the game while in Leon's gangster costume, take out the Chicago Typewriter, aim, and reload. Leon will make a noise and move his hat. If you do this four times he will throw his hat up and catch it on his head.

Rating 1

Broken Butterfly Weapon

In the hall south of the hedge maze there is a locked door. Return to that area with Ashley, piggy back with her and she will unlock the door. This reveals the broken butterfly.

Rating 1

Luis kills Leon scene

During the house scene after getting Ashley, shoot Luis a few times. There will be a cutscene where Luis is shot in the arm. He will then say "Adios, Leon!" and shoot Leon twice in the heart. Note: This results in a game over.

Rating 1

Evil Merchant

After the attack in the house, make sure you still have the incendiary grenade from upstairs. When you see the Merchant, look at his eyes with a rifle scope. If they are red, throw the incendiary grenade at him. He will scream similar to the male villagers when you throw an incendiary grenade at them. Note: In different areas the scream vary. For example, at the island he will scream like a soldier.

Rating 0

Reloading upgraded guns

Whenever you upgrade your gun's capacity, it fills the weapon with ammunition. Therefore, don't reload before you upgrade. This works great with weapons that have scarce ammo (such as the magnum revolver 'Broken Butterfly'); after you use up the gun's magazine, simply look for the merchant and upgrade the ammo capacity.

Rating 0

Reticule feedback

Equip the handgun and aim the on-screen reticule at a torch or suspended light. The reticule will some times turn red and deliver a jolt in the wii-mote.

Rating 0

Harvest Eggs

-If you’d like to earn money to tune up or purchase additional weapons before you continue on with the game this is a good way to do it as long as you have time to kill.

-Where ever you see chickens running around hang around for a while and they’ll lay an egg. Once you collect a couple eggs leave the area and come back. The chickens will lay more eggs each time you leave and return to the area.

-One of the best locations to do this is the area where you first see the Blue Medallions and receive the memo from the merchant. That area has three cows are in the pen and two in the barn. There are about six chickens running around in both pens. This one can definitely take some time, but the chickens have all day and seem to lay an endless number of eggs.

White Egg = 300 peseta
Brown Egg = 600 peseta
Golden Egg = 3000 peseta

Rating 0

Quick aiming hint

Tap the L1 button (takes out your knife) to center your gun when aiming up or down and quickly aim straight ahead.

Rating 0

El Gigante strategy

When facing an El Gigante on round two, equip your Killer 7 and shoot the parasite, or climb on its back and cut it. Either way, this saves health, ammunition, and plenty of frustration. Note: This is really only beneficial if you do not have one of the special weapons.

Rating 0

Krauser strategy

When taking on Krauser, it is easier to fight him using your knife rather than shooting him. If you shoot him, he will usually block and counter-attack. Avoid this by slashing him three to four times. He will then either kneel or flinch. When he does this, take out your strongest weapon and shoot him. If you are low on bullets, you can use grenades and mines. If you are playing Separate Ways, it is easier to use your knife the entire time.

Rating 0

Hidden videos

To view a hidden video, remain idle at the title screen. Another can be seen by pressing B at the main menu.

Rating 0

Unlockable Costumes(mercenaries mode)

Unlock the following characters alternate costume by highlighting them and then pressing the corresponding buttons:

Assignment Ada costume - Hold [Plus] and press A.
Leon with jacket - Hold 1 and press A.
Leon with suit - Hold [Plus] + 1 and press A.
Leon's Raccoon City Police Department uniform - Hold [Plus] and press A.
Separate Ways costume - Hold 1 and press A.

Rating 0

U3 (It) strategy

You can maneuver around U3 while in the giant crates. When you reach the gate it will follow you. Run around and shoot it, bringing it closer to explosive barrels. When you run out of barrels, fire either your shotgun or magnum.