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Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Cheats "Saving ammunition" (Nintendo Wii)


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Saving ammunition

-For parasites of Los Ganados or Los Illuminados, quickly throw a flash grenade. Once it explodes, it should make the parasites explode and die, thus saving your other ammunition.

-After completing Separate Ways, you will unlock the extra suit for Ashley. Press "+" to make her wait and run a short distance away. Enemies that try to pick her up in the suit will fall down as if they were shot in the leg. When this happens, run up and attack them with your knife while they get up. You can also use her to distract enemies.

-When playing through the game on Professional difficulty, you may find yourself running out of ammunition just before a part where you need it most. When this happens, run back to the merchant and upgrade your weapon's "Capacity". This will refill your clip with extra ammunition and give you a full chamber.

-When facing a Ganado, Illuminado, or Militia at close range that is either alone or a reasonable distance from other enemies, use only your pistol weapon since handgun ammo is by far the most common and a single round most likely will not be missed. Aim at the Ganado and shoot him in the face. As soon as you do this, he will most likely recoil and start writhing in pain for a few seconds. Take this opportunity to run up to him and kick him so that he dies or gets knocked down. If he does not die and is just stunned, immediately run to him and use the quick knife (flicking the Wiimote). Make sure that you manually aim (hold Nunchuk C and press A) because it is stronger than the quick knife attack. Keep tapping A to knife him as much as possible. Usually the won't die right away but sometimes they will before they stand up. Repeat until he's dead and you will have only wasted one bullet on him. Note: If more enemies are coming, back off. Take out your shotgun weapon and blast them all to the ground as they are grouped around you, then throw an incendiary or hand grenade. They will all be dead and you will have still wasted less ammo than if you had shot at them. Also, the single bullet-kick-knife strategy only works on regular infantry. In other words, Chainsaw Ganados, Chaingun Militia, or any other infrequent enemy that has more than standard health will result in failure. Also on Militia and some Illuminados you can "suplex" if prompted instead of "kick", which will almost always kill your enemy on the spot.

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