Rooms: The Main Building Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 3

Hydrant hint

When using a hydrant to drain a room, think ahead about which room you going to send the water to. Unless you have a fishbowl to walk into a flooded room, you might run into trouble down the line.

Rating 2

Two-player Battle mode

Play against another person in Battle Mode, which involves random puzzles that are extremely difficult. Battle mode only becomes available when a second Wii remote is synched with the Nintendo Wii.

Rating 2

Sparkles hint

When a room is lined up precisely where it's supposed to be, sparkles will flash and a sound will play. This gives you a visual clue that you're on the right track.

Rating 1

More gadgets hint

You can unlock gadgets in Build Mode by playing through the game. Encountering a gadget means you will probably be able to use it to make your own Room.

Rating 1

Explosives hint

When detonating explosives, make sure you're in another room or have an escape route handy. Nothing pulps players faster than a 700 MPH high explosive shockwave.

Rating 1

Background hint

The background can offer hints on the order of when the room can be completed (i.e., before or after another room). Toggle the background on/off and check things out.

Rating 1

Whirlygig hint

When using a spinning room with a Whirl-Round Clock, focus on the number of pendulums the clock has as they represent the number of times the room can spin. Also, make sure you spin in the right direction--especially when you have only one spin left!

Rating 1

Broken teleporters hint

Teleporters become an invaluable tool to completing puzzles. Some Teleporters are broken so you only teleport to them, but not out. A broken teleporter looks slightly charred.

Rating 0

Completion bonuses

Complete the game to unlock the following:

Challenge Mode - This mode only allows a set number of moves to complete a puzzle.
Time Limit mode - This mode only allows a set amount of time to complete a puzzle.

Rating 0

New gadgets hint

When youencounter a new gadget, read the help box associated with it to clue you in on what it may be used for.