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Scarface: The World Is Yours Cheats "Money hints" (Nintendo Wii)

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Money hints

-On the Sandman Island, search for any Sandman leads that have you in a boat. Shoot the targets and destroy their boats to have two crates appear. One has money while the other has ammo. Collect both crates for easy money and ammo since you do not have any time limits on the boat missions.

-To get better deals from the drug suppliers, make sure your Gang Heat is low to get more product for the same amount of money. This especially helps if both your Gang Heat and Cop Heat are on zero. 30 kg at $100,000 should net you around $13 to $15 million.

-On the island with the docks and winding roads, go near the docks at the top right corner of the island on the map. Follow the road to the building marked by an orange spot with a bank symbol on it. There should be a building with a sign that reads "Bodog". Here you can bet on cock fights and people fighting. You can bet as high as $25,000. There is also a casino where you can make money.

-After selling drugs to a drug dealer, shoot his legs but do not kill him. Let your henchmen make the kill so you don’t get any gang heat.

-If you have keys in your warehouse then you can distribute them. Enable the "Decrease Gang Heat" code then grab the first two boxes. Keep repeating this and there will be no chases or attacks on your turf. Note: This was done after all gangs were killed in both areas.

-Go to the island and kill as many gangsters as you can find. Each one will drop about $10,000 if you eliminate the entire group.

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