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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Cheats "Memento Locations" (Nintendo Wii)

Game also available for:   PSP


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Memento Locations

Find the following Mementos in the corresponding locations:

A Winter Beacon - Arriving in Silent Hill; in the Good Old Days Tavern or 52 Diner.
Hidden Fire - Letting out Your Inner Child; inside Cybil's glove compartment.
Frozen Waters - Through the Dark Woods; near the water tower.
A Moveable Feast - Through the Dark Woods; in a cabinet at the hunting lodge.
A Broken Ward - Through the Dark Woods; in a dresser at the hunting lodge.
Pinned Beauty - A Nightmare Hunt; Bryant Overlook, in the trunk of the car.
Suffocator Forever - School Days; in a jewelry box at the Cat House.
My Plastic Perfect Girl - School Days; in the freezer in Wonderland Burg.
Heavenly Protection - School Days; in a cabinet above a fire extinguisher at the school.
A Frigid Jewel - School Days; in the frog at the Biology lab.
An Eternal Rose - School Days; in locker 1037 at the locker room.
Infinite Jest - Lisa's Apartment; in a box at the bathroom.
Synthetic Femur - Exploring Downtown; in a copy machine.
Memories Undeveloped - After Hours Shopping; in the hamster cage at The Family Pet.
My Flying Lizard - After Hours Shopping; in the safe at Fun And Games.

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