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Splinter Cell: Double Agent Cheats "Bomb defusing on " Okhotsk, Russia Part 2"" (Nintendo Wii)


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Bomb defusing on " Okhotsk, Russia Part 2"

In Mission 6: Okhotsk, Russia Part 2, after talking with the Captain and he reveals that he has rigged the bombs to go off, Emile Dufraisne will tell you that they are in the machine room. Go through the crawl space and down the ladder. Once you are in the machine room, disrupt the light near to the ladder with your OPC and the camera that you will find nearby. Then, go to the first bomb on the same level as you are on. You can defuse them by cutting the wires in a particular order. The wire you have selected for cutting will be highlighted in green You will know which wire to cut by a short vibration in the controller. When you select the wire the Captain will tell you now have three minutes. The rest of the bombs are located on the machine towers and one is upstairs roughly opposite the first bomb. Note: There are three guards in the room.

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