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Splinter Cell: Double Agent Cheats "Enrica ends mission on "JBA HQ Part 2"" (Nintendo Wii)


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Enrica ends mission on "JBA HQ Part 2"

On the "JBA HQ Part 2" mission there are a certain number of optional objectives, one of which is to gather information from Emile's safe. If you do this successfully you must leave his office. The only ways out of his office are through the door or into the courtyard. The problem with the courtyard is that there is only one way to get back into the headquarters, through Enrica's window. Before you enter the room, check the map. Enrica will be in her lab working on the other end of the complex. However as soon as you choose to enter her room through the bathroom window, she will instantly appear in the doorway and attempt to scold Fisher. Fisher then proceeds to make a move on her and she lets him off with a warning "Next time, bring flowers", ending the mission.

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