Toy Story 3 Nintendo Wii Cheats

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Cheat Codes

From the Main Menu, select Bonus, then Cheats to enter these codes. Turn them on by pausing the game and selecting Cheats:

BLASER  - Buzz laser for all levels
OLDMOV  - Old movie effect
3DGLAS  - Aliens wear 3D glasses
BANDIT  - Woody bandit outfit

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Get the cell phone with Woody in "Hold the Phone"

Jessie is not the only one who can get the phone. Bring Woody to the back of the room. There is a red basket with a hidden card behind. Push it over to the bookshelf and up against the left side of it. Jump onto the basket, and wall jump off the shelf to grab on to another shelf on the wall. Stand away from the coat hook here and face it. A "Special Move" icon should appear. Press B and Woody will throw his pull string and swing up to where the cell phone is located. Pick it up. If you press B immediately after getting the phone, you will throw it off the shelf. Note: Buzz cannot get the phone.

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Unlockable Gold Stars

Unlock the following Gold Stars by performing the corresponding tasks:

Am Bug Collector - Rescue 3 Caterpillars.
Am Ghost Sucker - Captured 3 ghosts with the Lightning Rod.
Am Haunter - Possessed 3 townspeople.
Am Kicker - Drop kick 5 townspeople.
Avid Customer - Collect all customizations for Haunted House, Enchanted Glen and Zurg's Spaceport.
Big Spender - Spend 30,000.
Breaking Boards - Smash 25 Crates and Barrels.
Enchanted Sheriff - Complete all Enchanted Glen Missions.
Gone Wanderin' - Traveled a long distance on foot.
Haunted Explorer - Found all prize capsules in Haunted House.
Having a Ball - Hit 30 things with a ball.
Jumpin' Jackrabbits! - Jumped a long distance with Bullseye.
Jr. Monster Slayer - Destroyed 5 Gargoyles.
Jr. Pixie Torcher - Torched 5 pixies with the Dragon.
Jr. Re-animator - Create 3 zombie townspeople.
Knock It Off - Clobbered 10 mission givers.
Long Haul - Explored in a vehicle.
Master Grower - Made 10 things bigger.
Master Monster Slayer - Destroyed 10 Gargoyles.
Master Pixie Slayer - defeated 10 pixies.
Master Re-animator - Create 10 zombie townspeople.
Master Shrinker - Made 10 things smaller.
Miner 49er - Mined 15 gold veins.
Mission Master - Complete 50 missions.
On A Mission - Completed 10 missions.
Parachute King - Hit 15 Paratrooper Targets.
Power Shopper - Buy 10 things from the catalog.
Prize Capsule Collector - Collect 15 prize capsules.
Prize Capsule Enthusiast - Collect 25 prize capsules.
Pro Kicker - Drop kick 10 townspeople.
Ridin' the Range - Travel a long distance on Bullseye.
Riding the Rails - Slid a long distance on the rails.
Rolly Polly - Do 40 barrel rolls in a vehicle.
Saddle the Dragon - Travel a long distance on the Dragon.
Saving Up - Earn more than 30,000 gold.
Sheriff of the Future - Complete all Zurg's Spaceport missions.
Space Explorer - Found all prize capsules in the Spaceport.
Spooky Sheriff - found all prize capsules in the Haunted House.
Strongman - Carried a heavy object for a long distance.
Swimming Lessons - Throw 5 townspeople into the water.
Triple Flusher - Flush outhouse 3 times.
Under the Sea - Jump in the water 10 times.
Wand Waver - Give wings to 10 things.
Winner's Circle - Attempt 20 Bullseye races.
Woodland Explorer - Found all prize capsules by the rainbows.
Zurg Bot Destroyer - Destroy 10 Zurg Bots.
Zurg Bot Smasher - Destroyed 3 Zurg Bots.