Virtua Tennis 2009 Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 2

Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Boris Becker - Beat arcade mode without losing any points. Defeat becker in the secret tournament.
Duke - Beat king of players and defeat duke.
King - Beat king of players and defeat king.
Stefan Edberg - Complete arcade mode in doubles.
Tim Henman - Beat arcade mode without losing any points. Defeat henman in the secret tournament.

Rating 2

Unlockable Costumes

Unlock the following costumes for purchase by beating all levels of the corresponding mini-games in World Tour mode:

Action Hero costume - Beat Drum Topple using a male player
Bowling costume - Beat Pin Crusher
Karate costume - Beat Avalanche
Mariachi costume - Beat Blockbuster
Mime costume - Beat Count Mania using a male player
Pajamas costume - Beat Court Curling
Pirate costume - Beat Pirate Wars
Sheriff costume - Beat Pot Shot
Skeleton costume - Beat Meat Defender
Superhero costume - Beat Shopping Dash
Zookeeper costume - Beat Zoo Feede

Rating 1

Unlockable World Tour Training Games

Unlock the following training games by beating the following level 4 games:

Alien Attack - Beat Meat Defender Level 4.
Avalanche - Beat complete Zoo Feeder Level 4.
Count Mania - Beat complete Avalanche Level 4.
Court Curling - Beat complete Pot Shot Level 4.
Drum Topple - Beat complete Alien Attack Level 4.
Meat Defender - Beat complete Pirate Wars Level 4.
Pin Crusher - Beat complete Court Curling Level 4.
Pot Shot - Beat complete Block Buster Level 4.
Zoo Feeder - Beat complete Shopping Dash Level 4.

Rating 1

Unlockable Rackets

Unlock the following rackets by winning the Davis or Fed Cups the corresponding amounts of times on Professional difficulty.

Emerald racket - Win four times
Fire racket - Win two times
Panther racket - Win six times
Rainbow racket - Win three times
Squished racket - Win five times
SuperDrive racket - Win one time

Rating 1

Unlockable Medals

Unlock the following medals by performing the corresponding tasks:

Academic Excellence - Beat 10 Academy exercises in gold.
Ambassador - Win three Davis or Fed Cup matches.
Artificial Court Legend - Win 100 Artificial court matches.
Artificial Court Specialist - Win 20 Artificial court matches.
Avid Shopper - Purchase 35 items from the Tennis Store.
Big Spender - Purchase 50 items from the Tennis Store.
Career Gamer - Beat Level 8 on six different Training Games in World Tour.
Career Trainer - Beat Level 8 on a Training Game in World Tour.
Chameleon - Win with all famous players.
Clay Court Legend - Win 100 Clay court matches.
Clay Court Specialist - Win 20 Clay court matches.
Clean Sheet Expert - Win 100 Love Games.
Clean Sheet Specialist - Win 25 Love Games.
Compelling Company - Make friends with 15 players in World Tour.
Dress Up Obsessive - Play 20 matches in Fancy Dress.
Drop Shot Expert - Win 15 points with Drop shots.
Drop Shot Master - Win 75 points with Drop shots.
Early Training Days - Win three different training games in World Tour.
Exhibitionist - Play 20 Exhibition matches in Play mode.
Fancy Dresser - Play one match in Fancy Dress.
Feared Opponent - Beat all famous players.
Friendly Nature - Make friends with five players in World Tour.
Grass Court Legend - Win 100 Grass court matches.
Grass Court Specialist - Win 20 Grass court matches.
Highly Versatile - Unlock 10 Advanced Playstyles.
Later Training Days - Win eight different training games in World Tour.
Lob Shot Expert - Win 50 points with Lob shots.
Lob Shot Master - Win 75 points with Lob shots.
Long Distance Runner - Run 10 kms.
Marathon Runner - Run 50 kms.
National Hero - Win the Davis or Fed Cup.
Online Touring Expert - Win 30 Online Tour events.
Online Touring Legend - Win 75 Online Tour events.
Online Touring Specialist - Win five Online Tour events.
Perfect Server - Win 50 points with an Ace.
Right Of Way - Buy five court passes from the Tennis Store.
Slice Shot Expert - Win 100 points with Slice shots.
Slice Shot Master - Win 500 points with Slice shots.
Smash Master - Win 100 points with a Smash.
Smash Specialist - Win 20 points with a Smash.
Student Days - Beat 20 Academy exercises.
Stylish Player - Unlock 10 Playstyles.
Top Spin Expert - Win 200 points with Top Spin shots.
Top Spin Master - Win 750 points with Top Spin shots.
Tournament Player - Play five tournaments in Play mode.
Training Player - Play 20 Training Games in Play mode.