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Wii Sports Cheats "Baseball: Easy homeruns" (Nintendo Wii)


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Baseball: Easy homeruns

  • To hit the ball out of the park, swing with as much power as possible. Time your swing just right and you send it flying out of the park.

  • When batting, go in an upgrade as you hit the ball (up a few degrees when the ball is hit). This increases your chance of getting a home run.

  • In the Home Run Derby, it‘s all about timing. Don’t swing your entire hand. Instead, just flick you wrist quickly. Try swinging up on the ball instead of using just a straight swing. Make a quick "U" in the air with the Wiimote and keep the Wiimote parallel to the screen when you are done with your swing.

  • To get some easy homeruns, hold the Wiimote like a baseball bat but hit it like a golf ball instead. Make sure you swing hard. This will require practice.

  • When hitting the ball, hold LEFT to increase your chance of getting it out of the park, especially in Homerun Derby.

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