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Wii Sports Cheats "Baseball: Pitching" (Nintendo Wii)


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Baseball: Pitching

  • While pitching, hold B for a curve ball, hold A for a screw ball, or hold A + B for splitter.

  • While pitching, flick your wrist as if you were throwing a curveball to throw a hard fastball.

  • If the person who is batting is on the right, hold A when you throw the ball and it will be harder for them to hit since it spins in the other direction. If the batter is on the left, hold B when you throw the ball. If you hold A + B, the ball slows down just when it is about to reach them.

  • Don’t always try to pitch hard. Instead, mix up the fast balls, change-ups, screwballs, and curve balls. Try not to throw faster than 70 mph and never throw the same pitch more than twice in a row. Note: if you get too far ahead in points, you will either win by the mercy rule or the CPU will start hitting the ball regardless of how you pitch.

  • When pitching, first press 2. Then, move left or right and throw a splitter ball. The umpire should call a ball. Repeat this and the batter will sometimes miss the ball, depending on how fast you throw.

  • In multi-player mode, when your side is pitching and the next batter is loading, choose your pitch and flick your wrist back and forth rapidly. You should pitch about 85 mph and usually before your friend is ready.

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