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Wii Sports Cheats "Bowling: Easy strikes" (Nintendo Wii)


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Bowling: Easy strikes

  • While holding the Wiimote up and behind, hold B for around three seconds. Release the ball when it reaches slightly past your leg and your Mii character is at the line. He will probably take about three steps and chances are good that you will knock down most or all of the pins, getting strikes almost every time.

  • Go to the third dot to your right or left, depending on which way you bowl). Throw it hard to get a strike almost every time.

  • Line up your character pointing at the space between the #1 and #2 pins by pressing D-pad Up. While swinging, don’t release B. Instead, hold it through the top of your swing and pull it back again, then swing through again. Do this as rapidly as possible. Upon completion of your second swing, make sure to release the ball with no spin. You should get a strike.

  • Go to the left of the lane (gutter) and switch to the mode where you can turn from left and right. Point to around the middle of the lane and roll the ball. You should get a strike.

  • Move you Mii until you are pointing at the fourth pin (if you are right-handed). Press A to change to the swivel option and point between the first and second pins. When you roll, make sure you put just a little bit of spin on it to get a strike

  • To knock most of the pins down, when you are aiming your ball, go slightly to the right or left (depending on which hand you bowl with). You should either get a strike or knock most of the pins down.

  • Stand as far away from your television as possible and aim from the first or second arrow on either side, then throw a hard curve. The ball will hit the pocket and you will get a strike about 9 times out of 10. If you hit dead on the pocket you will definitely get a strike.

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