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11 Eyes: CrossOver Cheats "Achievements" (Xbox 360)


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11's "eye" (60) Watched all scenes.
11eyes: 25 (20) Completed 1/4 of the game.
11eyes: 50 (20) Completed half of the game.
11eyes: 75 (20) Completed 3/4 of the game.
11eyes: Complete (110) Completed the whole game.
A Black Knight Appears (10) In the Red Night, black knights appeared.
A Sunset Casting Over (50) Watched Shione's ending.
An Enemy of the World (50) Watched Yukiko's ending.
Battle Akedia (10) Managed to barely defeat the black knight, "Akedia."
Battle Ira & Inwidia (10) Was able to withdraw due to injuring the two black knights, "Ira" & "Inwidia."
Beautiful New World (60) Complete the "Mirror World" and receive the good ending.
Blood Ties (50) Watched Misuzu's ending.
Defeat Gura (10) Managed to defeat the black knight "Gura."
Fell in Love Tomorrow (50) Watched Kaori's ending.
Flame's Origin (10) Watch the prologue.
Food Fighter (30) Takahisa has eaten all of the food types.
God's Play (50) Watched Shiori's ending.
Irreplaceable Life (50) Watched Yuka's ending.
Little Sign of Awakening (10) Kakeru only showed a portion of her power to help Yuka.
Recovered Words (50) Watched Kukuri's ending.
Red Night (10) Survived through the "Red Night."
Shattered Mirror (10) The black society's ambition was prevented.
The Magician's Dream of the Future (50) Watched Mio's ending.
Visual Complete (60) View all events.
Witch's Ending (10) Defeat the immortal witch, "Rizerotte"
With Friends, and for Tomorrow (60) Complete the "crime and punishment and redemption girls" and receive the good ending.

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