Aegis Wing Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 2


Ace (20 points) Earn 185,000 points.
Diplomat (15 points) Beat a level without firing.
Epic Warrior (10 points) Form a four-ship formation.
Exterminator (15 points) Destroy all enemies in a level.
Halfway Point (5 points) Finish Mission 3 on any difficulty.
Hero (25 points) Beat the game
Legend (50 points) Beat the game on Insane.
Rookie (5 points) Earn 30,000 points.
Teamwork (15 points) Score 10,000 points while attached in a level.
Untouchable (15 points) Beat a level without taking damage.
Veteran (10 points) Earn 100,000 points.
on Normal. Immortal (15 points) Beat a level without dying or losing allies.

Rating 0


Simply start the game to unlock the Aegis Wing Emblem and Green Aegis Wing gamerpics.

Rating 0

Level select

To unlock level select, complete the game on Insane difficulty.