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Armored Core: For Answer Cheats "AI hint" (Xbox 360)


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AI hint

Compared to Armored Core 4, the Nexts in are much faster. The quick boost thruster consumption appears to have been reduced, resulting in quite a few of the AI to move very quickly and erratically. Tried and true methods that brought down Nexts in Armored Core 4 do not always work, such as the ever potent HLC02-Sirius. The developers have compensated for this by giving players the back chain guns GAN-01-SS-GC, which is acquired by following the Collarred story line. Combined with the INBLUE FCS, which has the highest lock speed, and rapid boost techniques to stay close, you can easily destroy almost any Next. Unfortunately this is not available until after the Defeat White Glint and Defend Line Ark missions, which are very difficult without these chain guns on your back. Only a fewNexts utilize aerial combat techniques; Fragile, White Glint, Ambient, Stasis, Old King, and Unsung. Additionally, laser blades can use lock on now making it easy for Nexts to target you with their blades. Shinkai is the most dangerous and is found in the Defend Arteria Cranium (final mission for Collared) and can rapidly take you down to size using homing strikes from the 07-Moonlight.

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