Armored Core: For Answer Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 2

AI hint

Compared to Armored Core 4, the Nexts in are much faster. The quick boost thruster consumption appears to have been reduced, resulting in quite a few of the AI to move very quickly and erratically. Tried and true methods that brought down Nexts in Armored Core 4 do not always work, such as the ever potent HLC02-Sirius. The developers have compensated for this by giving players the back chain guns GAN-01-SS-GC, which is acquired by following the Collarred story line. Combined with the INBLUE FCS, which has the highest lock speed, and rapid boost techniques to stay close, you can easily destroy almost any Next. Unfortunately this is not available until after the Defeat White Glint and Defend Line Ark missions, which are very difficult without these chain guns on your back. Only a fewNexts utilize aerial combat techniques; Fragile, White Glint, Ambient, Stasis, Old King, and Unsung. Additionally, laser blades can use lock on now making it easy for Nexts to target you with their blades. Shinkai is the most dangerous and is found in the Defend Arteria Cranium (final mission for Collared) and can rapidly take you down to size using homing strikes from the 07-Moonlight.

Rating 2

Recommended equipment

Try the following equipment:

FRS distribution

  • Capacity

Category 1 Load (allows heavier Nexts)
Category 2 Energy Output (more energy for flying and energy weapons)
Category 4 KP Output (greatly enhances Primal Armor)

  • Primal Armor

Category 2 Core (another great boost to Primal Armor)

  • Boost

Category 1 Main Thruster Horizontal Thrust (increases speed and flight time)

  • FCS

INBLUE (400 lock speed but shorter radar and lock ranges great for fast moving enemies)
063AN05 (200 Lock speed medium lock and radar range, highest ECM resistance)

  • Generator

GAN02-NSS-G (High output, capacity, very high KP output for primal armor, and it is fairly light

    • Thrusters

Main: Duskaror-Corb (not the fastest but it is quick, light, and has very good horizontal consumption)
Back: 03-Aaliyah/B (not the fastest for regular flying but very good quick boost and decent energy consumption for regular flight)
Side: AB-Lahire (fast, good consumption, good quick boost, and light)
OB: KRB-Lahire (light, decent speed and consumption, one of the better Assault Armors)

Rating 2

ORCA story path

To unlock the ORCA story path, beat the "Defeat Red Rum And Stark" and "Destroy Megalis" missions in chapter 3.

Rating 1

Easy "S" rank on "Attack On Arteria Cranium":

Use the following strategy in Attack On Arteria Cranium (Hard difficulty setting; Blade strategy). You may have a hard time going against three ACs with no support. Try out this build. It is typical, with most parts acquired through the story by getting "White Glint". You need a total (as of now) 389 FRS Memory Points. This build is very fast, hits hard, and all you have to do is use hit and run booster techniques.

  • Capacity

Max ARGYROS/G: Energy Output, Energy Capacity, KP Output. Do not worry with load, as you will be fast and extremely agile. You will be nowhere in the caution or overloaded area.

  • Primal Armor

Scroll across to "Primal Armor" and max all four slots. The remaining points can be supplied to the "Acquisition" if desired, for lock-on speed.

  • Equipment

R Arm Unit: 07-Moonlight
L Arm Unit: 07-Moonlight
R Back Unit/ L Back Unit: ACB-0710 (replaces both the R/L Back Units)
FCS: BLUEEXS (perfect for blading)
Generator: ARGYROS/G (plenty of energy with above tuning)
Main Booster: MB11-LATONA
Back Booster: ARGYROS/B
Side Booster: AB-LAHIRE
Overed Booster: GAN02-NSS-O.CG

  • Upon entering the level, immediately boost towards the first target. Boost and attack him with two blades before boosting off. Upon hitting him, boost away as quickly as possible to minimize damage. Do not get carried away. With boosting and blading, your energy can rapidly deplete if you are not careful. Upon boosting ahead you will face two more ACs. The last (extra one under the Hard difficulty setting) is a bit stupid in the start and boosts against the wall. Quickly fly in and blade him. If done correctly, you should blade him twice. Again, use hit and run tactics. If you see your energy is dropping low, boost to a safe spot quickly, idle, and let it recharge Boost back in, lock in, blade, and boost back. This build can also easily take down the AF-ANSWERER.

Rating 1

Custom AC

This AC configuration offers infinite flight, regardless of prior tuning. It is a heavy weight AC that has plenty of AP. Note: Weapons are not in the layout to allow personal preferences. Regardless, this AC schematic has multiple advantages outside of its flight capabilities, such as its large hangers that can hold larger weapons.

  • Head - Hilbert-G7H

  • Core - ARGYROS/C

  • Arms - ARGYROS/A

  • Legs - LO2-ALBIREO

  • FCS - 047AN0S

  • Generator - ARGYROS/G

  • Side Boosters - 03-AALIYAH/S

  • OverBoost - ARGYROS/AO

Rating 0

Unlockable Parts

Unlock the following parts by completing the corresponding tasks:

051ANNR Defeat white glint.
063ANEM Defend anti-satellite cannons.
067ANLR Defend anti-satellite cannons.
ADDICT Attack anti-satellite cannons.
All White Glint AC Frame Parts Defend line ark.
BIGSIOUX Defeat the main ORCA forces.
DUSKAROR-HEAD-1 Defeat red rumb and starka.
DUSKAROR-HEAD-2 Defeat red rumb and starka.
EC-O307AB Attack arteria carpals.
EG-O703 Attack arteria carpals.
ER-O705 Defeat AF answerer.
EUPHORIA Defeat unknown NEXT.
FSS-53 Defeat silent avalanche.
Free Parts Finish both collard and ORCA storylines.
GAN01-SS-GC Defeat the main ORCA forces.
GAN02-NSS-WBS Defeat wonderful body.
HD-LANCEL-OPT03 Acquire S rank for all normal missions.
HD-LANCEL-OPT04 Acquire S rank for all hard missions.
HLC09-ACRUX Attack ateria cranium.
HLR09-BECRUX Attack ateria cranium.
HLR71-VEGA Defend arteria carpals.
INSOLENCE Defeat unknown NEXT + no count.
KAMAL Defeat red rumb and starka.
KIKU Defeat red rumb and starka.
MP-O901 Defeat AF answerer.
MR-R102 Attack arteria carpals.
OIGAMI Defeat AF great wall.
P-MARROW Defend arteria carpals.
RG01-PITONE Occupation of arteria carpals.
SALINE05 Defeat white glint.
SAMPAGUITA Defend cradle 03.
SAPLA Attack on PA-N51.
SAUBEES-HEAD Defend cradle 03.
XCG-B050 Defend line ark.
XMG-A030 Defend line ark.
ZINC Defeat unknown NEXT + no count.

Rating 0


1000 kills (20 points) Get 1000 kills.
1000 wins (20 points) Get 1000 wins.
10000 kills (40 points) Get 10000 kills.
10000 wins (40 points) Get 10000 wins.
2000 kills (20 points) Get 2000 kills.
2000 wins (20 points) Get 2000 wins.
3000 kills (20 points) Get 3000 kills.
3000 wins (20 points) Get 3000 wins.
4000 kills (20 points) Get 4000 kills.
4000 wins (20 points) Get 4000 wins.
5000 kills (20 points) Get 5000 kills.
5000 wins (20 points) Get 5000 wins.
7500 kills (20 points) Get 7500 kills.
7500 wins (20 points) Get 7500 wins.
AF Answerer (20 points) Defeat AF Answerer.
AF Cabracan (20 points) Defeat AF Cabracan.
AF Eclipse (20 points) Defeat AF Eclipse.
AF Great Wall (20 points) Defeat AF Great Wall.
AF Jet (20 points) Defeat AF Jet.
AF Land Crab (20 points) Defeat AF Land Crab.
AF Soldios Orbit (20 points) Defeat AF Soldios Orbit.
AF Stigro (20 points) Defeat AF Stigro.
AF The Spilit of Motherwill (20 points) Defeat AF The Spilit of Motherwill.
Arena (30 points) Beat the arena.
Arena Rank 10 (20 points) Ranked in the top 10.
Arena Rank 20 (20 points) Ranked in the top 20.
Chapter 1 (20 points) Beat Chapter 1.
Chapter 2 (20 points) Beat Chapter 2.
Chapter 3 (20 points) Beat Chapter 3.
Class A (30 points) Get promoted to Class A.
Class C (20 points) Get promoted to Class C.
Class E (20 points) Get promoted to Class E.
Ending 1 (40 points) Beat story(1 points).
Ending 2 (40 points) Beat story(2 points).
Ending 3 (40 points) Beat story(3 points).
Hard Difficulty (20 points) Beat all Hard Missions.
Mission Rank S (30 points) Get Total Mission Rank S.
Mission Rank SS (40 points) Get Total Mission Rank SS.
Normal Difficulty (20 points) Beat all Normal Missions.
ORCA Arena (30 points) Beat ORCA arena.
Ranker (40 points) Get promoted to Ranker.