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Armored Core: For Answer Cheats "Recommended equipment" (Xbox 360)


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Recommended equipment

Try the following equipment:

FRS distribution

  • Capacity

Category 1 Load (allows heavier Nexts)
Category 2 Energy Output (more energy for flying and energy weapons)
Category 4 KP Output (greatly enhances Primal Armor)

  • Primal Armor

Category 2 Core (another great boost to Primal Armor)

  • Boost

Category 1 Main Thruster Horizontal Thrust (increases speed and flight time)

  • FCS

INBLUE (400 lock speed but shorter radar and lock ranges great for fast moving enemies)
063AN05 (200 Lock speed medium lock and radar range, highest ECM resistance)

  • Generator

GAN02-NSS-G (High output, capacity, very high KP output for primal armor, and it is fairly light

    • Thrusters

Main: Duskaror-Corb (not the fastest but it is quick, light, and has very good horizontal consumption)
Back: 03-Aaliyah/B (not the fastest for regular flying but very good quick boost and decent energy consumption for regular flight)
Side: AB-Lahire (fast, good consumption, good quick boost, and light)
OB: KRB-Lahire (light, decent speed and consumption, one of the better Assault Armors)

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