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Ashes Cricket 2009 Cheats "Bowling Tips" (Xbox 360)

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Bowling Tips

  • A spin bowler is the best weapon in the game. When bowling to a right hander, a leg spin bowler bowling leg spin just short of a Yorker placed just outside leg stump, will eight times out of ten bowl the CPU. Also, placing the ball in the same location with an off spinner, bowling a wrong one will get the same results.

  • Pitch the bowl slightly outside the off stump, just towards the crease line. Then, start with in swinger and when it is ready to pitch, change it to out swinger. It will get you a lot of wickets in the slip regions and backward point region.

  • Other delivery to baffle the batsman by starting with Off Cutter and Bowl Leg Cutter at the last minute.

  • Set the field where you have fielder in closing catching position and bowl according to the field set. Remember the outside the off stump and out swinger is your delivery

  • Use the following trick to get easy wickets. Place all the fielders on the boundary from third man position to mid off in custom fielding editor. Only place a second slip and a fielder in the off drive position inside the circle. Then, bowl an in swing bouncer delivery far outside the off stump close to the line of wide. The batsman will play a slogging shot. You can catch those shots in the boundary line. Do not worry about the wide run. Most of the time the batsman will hit those shots in the air; try to catch it.

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