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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Cheats "Full Synch requirements for Assassinations" (Xbox 360)

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Full Synch requirements for Assassinations

Get 100% Synch by performing the corresponding tasks in the following Assassination missions. The missions are assigned to you by Niccolo and are accessed at various pigeon coops:
"...And Three's A Crowd" mission Kill the three targets within two minutes.
"Bearers Of Bad News" mission Do not let your targets call for reinforcements.
"Brutes And Brutality" mission Kill all targets in under fifteen seconds.
"Cardinal Sin" mission Kill only the Cardinal.
"Graduation" mission Do not lose any health squares.
"Red Letter Day" mission Kill both targets in under sixty seconds.
"Serf's Terf" mission Assassinate two guards with the hidden blade.
"Tactical Correction" mission Finish the memory within two minutes.
"The Merchant Of Rome" mission Use the Assassin Recruits to assist in a diversion.
"The Three Amici" mission Kill the targets with the hidden blade.
"Turning The Tables" mission Kill at least one Brute, one Seeker, and one Papal Guard with his own weapon.
"Two's Company" mission Kill both targets with your hidden blade.

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