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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Cheats "Full Synch requirements for War Machines" (Xbox 360)

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Full Synch requirements for War Machines

The War Machine missions require that you destroy the four War Machines, marked by an "L" on the map. There are two missions for each War Machine; one for killing the Overseer for the map to the machine, and another for destroying the machine. Get 100% Synch by performing the corresponding tasks in the following missions:
"Flying Machine 2.0" mission Do not get shot while using the Bomber. Reward is Bomber model.
"Hell On Wheels" mission Do not take damage while using the tank. Reward is Tank model.
"Loose Cannon" mission Open 1 of the first 3 gates, Reward is Naval Cannon model.
"Outgunned" mission Do not kill anybody before destroying the blueprints. Reward is Machine Gun model.
"War Plans for Flying Machine 2.0" mission Use a smoke bomb to stun the Overseer.
"War Plans for Hell On Wheels" mission Use the pistol to kill the Overseer.
"War Plans for Loose Cannon" mission Use the kick attack against the Overseer.
"War Plans for Outgunned" mission Send the Mercenaries into a fight.

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