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Assassin's Creed II Cheats "Rodrigo Borgia (The Spaniard) strategy" (Xbox 360)

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Rodrigo Borgia (The Spaniard) strategy

There are a couple things you should get before you go to Rome: The Armor of Altair, The Sword of Altair (or whichever weapon you prefer), Notched Cinquedea, Metal Cestus, both knife belt upgrades (as many as possible), medium and large medicine pouches (purchase as much medicine as possible), and full smoke bombs. The battle is divided into three stages. The first stage involves assassinating him. Quietly go down the ladder, but do not jump down. Then start blending in with everyone immediately. Go to the front, choose your pistol, and lock on to Rodrigo. Hold [Action] until the thin beam appears and fire. In the second stage you must fight him. You sit back and wait for your four Dopplegangers to finish or at least weaken him, but you can also join in the fight--which is much more exciting. He attacks just like a brute; just tackle him as you would a normal villain. In the third stage you must complete the job. After the cinematic sequence, use Eagle Vision to find the switches to the vault. Follow the road down. Another cinematic starts, after which it is a fistfight from here on out. Continue attacking him. The Metal Cestus will stay equipped and will kill him faster. Follow the onscreen prompt to finish the fight

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