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Assassin's Creed III Cheats "Unlockable Outfits (alternate)" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  Wii U


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Unlockable Outfits (alternate)

Unlock the following outfits by performing the corresponding tasks. They become available in the basement of the homestead for you to wear:
Achilles' Original Outfit Complete all Achilles' Homestead Missions and Interactive Conversations.
Altair's Robes 100% Sync on all story based missions
Assassin's Robes Unlocked through story progression, Session 5. Different colors can be purchased from general stores.
Captain Kidd's Outfit Collect all 24 Peg Leg Trinkets, 4 Map Shards and solve the riddle on Oak Island.
Ezio's Robes Purchase in U-Play store with 30 points earned from in-game events.
Native American Outfit (Connor's pre-robe outfit.) Collect all Feathers.
Prisoners Outfit Story progression, Session 8.

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