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Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts And Bolts Cheats "Crates" (Xbox 360)


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Have the following to obtain the crates in the corresponding locations:

No special access
1. Gift from LOG at start.
2. Behind Mumbo's Motors.
3. Under glass awning left of Nutty Acres Act 1 Door.
4. Under glass awning to the right of Nutty Acres Act 1 Door.
5. Left of Humba Wumba.
6. On the roof of Mumbo's Motors.
7. On top of statue in front of LOG Box 720 Plinth.
8. On wooden Bridge north of LOG Box 720 Plinth.
9. On top of LOG's video game factory.

Requires high grip wheels
10. On top of broken wall near northern safe house tower.
11. By main gate on east side of Showdown Town.
12. Across broken bridge above LOG Box 720 Doors.
13. Hidden between rooftops in canal zone above theater section.
14. Roof of Pikelette's police station.
15. Empty containers on dock.
16. Empty containers on dock.
17. Behind Klungo's Arcade.
18. Roof of King Jingalings Bingo Palace.
19. Open safe house tower west of LOG's Factory.

Requires floaters
20. Inside cave under lighthouse.
21. Sandbar against northern wall of city.
22. On the slope to the right of the Banjoland Jiggy Vend.
23. Top of pavilion.
24. Island to the right of the boathouse.
25. Base of the giant crane that activates the Jiggoseum.
26. Top of the giant crane that activates the Jiggoseum.
27. Top of slippery Slope next to Canal.
28. Top of Jiggy Bank.

Requires spring
29. On high rooftop directly south of police station.
30. Northern end of roof above Humba's store.
31. Safe house tower closest to lake.
32. Safe house tower Below LOG's factory.
33. Spring up to wooden platform to right of LOG Box 720 Plinth.
34. On top of lighthouse.
35. Lowest rooftop of the Jiggosseum building.
36. Middle building of Jiggosseum building.
37. Next to red Jinjo house overlooking the docks.
38. Inside laser gate blocking main road to uptown.

Requires scuba seat
39. Left of bottles behind Grille.
40. Inside alcove on outer wall.
41. Drive through water to come up inside castle.
42. On top of castle turret.
43. Drive through tunnel west of uptown.

Requires laser
44. Gate behind Mumbo's Motors.
45. Gate above Banjoland Boathouse.
46. Gate inside castle.
47. Gate in water below Terrarium of Terror Plinth.

Requires horn
48. On top of building north of Mumbo's Motors.
49. Left of LOG Box 720 Plinth.
50. Lower roof of house overlooking water.
51. Next to Terrarium of Terror Plinth.

Stop 'N' Swop crates
1. On top of Boggy's Gym.
2. On rooftop south of Jiggy bank.
3. In boat house below Banjoland.
4. On castle turret.
5. Under LOG's Factory.
6. Beneath Terrarium of Terror Doors.
7. On beach below lighthouse; must use horn to remove ghost from crate.

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