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Battlefield 3 Cheats "Unlockable B2K Assignment Weapons" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  PC


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Unlockable B2K Assignment Weapons

Unlock the following weapons by completing the corresponding assignments:
FAMAS "Best Friend Forever" 10 Revives: 10 Heals
HK53 “Fixing it” 10 Repairs: 1 Kill with the repair tool
L85A2 “Professional Russian” 100 Assault rifle kills: 20 Grenade launcher kills: Win 5 Squad Deathmatch rounds
L96 “Creeping Death” 50 Headshots: 50 Spot Assists: 5 Knife kills
MG36 “Keep your head down” 100 Kills with Light Machine Guns: 50 Suppression Assists: 50 Ammo Resupply Assists
MK3A1 “Scarred Veteran” 10 Kills with the PP-19: 6 Kills with the DPV: 10 Kills with the BTR-90 APC: 2 Hours played on Sharqi Peninsula: 2 Hours played on Gulf of Oman
PP-19 “Familiar Territory” ARM 10 MCOM stations: 10 Flag captures: 2 Hours played on Strike at Karkand
QBB-95 “Let it rain” 20 Kills with Light Machine Guns: 2 Mortar kills
QBU-88 “Specops” 20 Kills with sniper: 6 Laser designations
QBZ-95B “It goes Boom!” 50 Kills with AT rocket: 1 Enemy vehicle destroyed using the repair tool: Win 5 Conquest rounds

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