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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Cheats "Funny dialogue on "Crack The Sky"" (Xbox 360)

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Funny dialogue on "Crack The Sky"

Kill all the enemies on the helicopter, then land and go through the level without making the team stop. Note: If they get hit in the middle of a conversation, they will not repeat it for that game. After you take out the .50 caliber machine gun and go up the hill where the soldier slides down, kill him and the person on the ledge near the sniper rifle. Rather than going for the sniper, run on the roof of the computer room and kill all landing troops from the helicopter. Proceed by killing the remaining enemies on your right from the roof. Afterward, enter the building and take out the remaining three or four enemies but do Not activate the console. Take Sarge, Hags and Sweets outside the building by walking into them to make them move in the opposite direction. This is so you eliminate the annoying echo inside the building. You can hear at least ten conversations, some of which include talking about super powers, the WWE, Hulk Hogan, Woody Allen, 50 Cent and other funny topics. If they do not talk for over two minutes, the conversations are over. There is about twenty minutes of dialogue in this level.

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