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Battlefield: Bad Company Cheats "Easy way to M-COM Stations (Rush Mode)" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3


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Easy way to M-COM Stations (Rush Mode)

-Play Rush Mode with the following settings and conditions: Not Hardcore, a squad of two or more, and be on the Attacking side.While this is possible with two people, it works better with three. Have one person fly the UAV while the second squadmate plays as Recon with C4 enabled. The perk that gives you more C4 is recommended. Have the Recon class guy strap all the C4 to a UAV, then have the Pilot fly the UAV next to M-COM station. When the Pilot is close to the M-COM station he will tell the Recon player to detonate the C4. Since friendly fire is turned off in BFBC2, the UAV will remain undamaged. If six C4s are strapped to the UAV it does almost 50% damage. If a third player is involved they can either go Recon and put more C4 on (this usually results in taking it out in one trip) or go Assault and supply the Recon player with another batch of C4 explosives.

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