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Battlefield: Bad Company Cheats "Gold bars on "Acta Non Verba"" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3


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Gold bars on "Acta Non Verba"

The five gold bars in this mission are hidden at the following locations:

1. The house with the Legionnaire's insignia has the first of several gold bars in a safe box. All gold bars will be in similar boxes.
2. On your way to the stage's second objective, there is a house at a fork in the road with some Russians. Clear it out and check the second floor of that house for a gold bar.
3. South and west of the Russian missile armory, there should be a small white X-mark in make shift pit (this is on the south bank of the river). It is the same location where Haggard says, "I smell gold!" (the beach camp with several Russians).
4. When destroying the anti-tank guns in the town, there is a building on the east half of the town with a red (not blue) "Hotel" sign. The building is defended by a few machine gun nests (mounted and emplaced). You must clear the opposition first. Check the second floor. It is one of the few houses you cannot reach the attic because the box blocks the ladder access.
5. After guiding the tanks, you will be told to regroup at the smoke. Instead of doing that, go left of the smoke and case the wall. You will see it on a table-like object.

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