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Battlefield: Bad Company Cheats "Gold bars on "Crossing Over"" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3


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Gold bars on "Crossing Over"

The five gold bars in this mission are hidden at the following locations:

1. Before attacking the first antenna box, proceed east down the road to a construction area. The gold bar is on top of some cinder blocks.
2. Directly south from third antenna box, there is a house with an "X" on it. Inside is the MG36 and the gold bar.
3. After attacking the second antenna box, there is a group of houses down the hill. The gold bar is under the barn with the APC.
4. While crossing over the pools in the walkway, look to the north to find some shipping containers. The gold bar is on top of the containers. Jump over from the nearby staircase to collect it.
5. After fighting through the harbor, go down the ramp and turn to your right. Move in that direction until you see a small green house in the corner of the zone. The gold bar is inside the house.

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