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Bayonetta Cheats "Jeanne strategy on Chapter 2" (Xbox 360)

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Jeanne strategy on Chapter 2

Use the following trick for the flashback battle at the beginning of Chapter 2 under the Hard difficulty setting. Once the battle starts and Jeanne jumps down, shoot her. She will block most of the bullets, but soon she will crouch and fire her guns in a quarter-circle. She is vulnerable during this time. You can attack her now, but it is recommended that you just shoot her and dodge her bullets. Once she is done, her next attack will likely be a Wicked Weave. You can see it coming when a red circle appears under her. If you dodge her Wicked Weave, you will enter Witch Time. However, it does not last long. Make the most of this time. Either keep shooting her if you are too far away, or move close to get a combo in and deal some real damage. There is a chance that Jeanne will try to move closer instead of using a Wicked Weave; put some distance between the both of you by dodging. To get the most attacks in, always dodge towards her when dodging her bullets and Wicked Weave. Make sure you are in Witch Time before attacking.

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