Bellator: MMA Onslaught Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 5


Bellator Disciple (15 points) Played using every official Bellator Fighter.
Bellator Mastery (25 points) Achieved Maximum Level with Custom Fighter.
Challenging the Champions (5 points) Played Tournament Mode.
Earned Not Given (15 points) Finished Tournament Mode.
Exhibitionist (5 points) Played a Player Match.
Expert Assistance (5 points) Applied a Boost.
Fast Track To Victory (20 points) Won 5 Ranked Matches in a Row.
Fight Technician (20 points) Unlocked All Technical Skills.
First Blood (5 points) Won a Ranked Match.
Fresh Blood (5 points) Created Custom Fighter.
Ground Shaker (15 points) Performed 25 Throw KOs.
Immovable (15 points) Won a Ranked Match Without Being Thrown.
Kick Like a Mule (15 points) Performed 25 Kick KOs.
Locked and Loaded (5 points) Used The Move Editor.
Mutilator (15 points) Won 25 Fights By Submission.
On the Road to Championship (5 points) Played a Ranked Match.
Professionally Coached (10 points) Won 10 Ranked Matches With Boosts.
Record Time Win (20 points) Defeated Opponent in under 20 Seconds in a Ranked Match.
Right Back At Ya (15 points) Performed 25 Parries or Counters.
Rise to the Challenges (5 points) Completed a Challenge.
Sting Like a Bee (15 points) Performed 25 Punch KOs.
Strike Master (20 points) Unlocked All Striking Skills.
Submission Master (20 points) Unlocked All Submission Skills.
Super Fighter (20 points) Got S Grade in a Ranked Match.
Throw Master (20 points) Unlocked All Throw Skills.
Ungrabbable (15 points) Won a Ranked Match Without Being Clinched.
Ungroundable (15 points) Won a Ranked Match Without Being Taken to the Ground.
Untouchable (15 points) Won a Ranked Match Without Being Hit by a Strike.
Winners Welcome (5 points) Won a SuperFight Match.
World Traveler (15 points) Played a Ranked Match in Every Arena.