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BioShock Cheats "Tonic locations" (Xbox 360)

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Tonic locations

Medical Pavilion
1. Security Expert In twilight fields mortuary on a shelf.
2. Speedy Hacker In painless dental in the corner.
3. Wrench Jockey In kure all, through crawl shaft on the floor.
4. Hacker's Delight In the eternal flame crematory, activate the furnace.
5. Static Discharge In the surgery foyer next to steinman's lab.
6. Eve Link Purchase at gatherer's garden.
7. Armored Shell Purchase at gatherer's garden.

Neptune's Bounty
8. Wrench Lurker Lower wharf, near the edge of the walkway.
9. Focused Hacker Inside fontaine fisheries next to first pneumo tube.
10. Medical Expert On the lower wharf where you enter the level.
11. Extra Nutrition Purchase at gatherer's garden

12. Security Evasion On the lower left area of arcadia. It will be next to a dead houdini splicer surrounded by four thuggish splicers.
13. Hacking Expert In the research laboratories on the desk.
14. Shorten Alarms Purchase at gatherer's garden
15. Human Inferno Purchase at gatherer's garden

Farmer's Market
16. Eve Link 2 To the left of the entrance, near the circus of value and u-invent machine
17. Photographers Eye Bottom floor of the winery in the bunk.

Fort Frolic
18. Alarm Expert On the balcony of the fleet hall.
19. Frozen Field Search matin finnegan's corpse.
20. Extra Nutrition 2 Downstairs behind the main stairway of the main atrium near eve's garden.
21. Electric Flesh In Cohen's dressing room. Complete his masterpiece, then go to the room beside the upstairs projection booth.
22. Medical Expert 2 Complete sander's masterpiece.
23. Hacking Expert 2 Purchase at gatherer's garden.
24. Bloodlust Must be invented in the u-invent machine.
25. Booze Hound Must be invented in the u-invent machine
26. Hacker's Delight 2 Must be invented in the u-invent machine.

27. Frozen Field 2 In bottom corner of the central core on a desk.
28. Security Evasion 2 In Lower Heat Loss Monitoring on a desk.
29. Damage Research In secret crawlspace in the back of the lower workshops.
30. Shorten Alarms 2 In geothermal core.

Olympus Heights
31. Clever Inventor In suchong's apartment on a desk.
32. Electric Flesh 2 In fontaine's apartment on a desk.
33. Speedy Hacker 2 Purchase at gatherer's garden.
34. Wrench Lurker 2 Purchase at gatherer's garden.

Apollo Square
35. Medical Expert 3 Suchong's clinic on 2nd floor.
36. Focused Hacker 2 Hestia building on 4th floor.

Point Prometheus
37. Safe Cracker 2 Autopsy room of the 1st floor of little wonders.
38. Alarm Expert 2 In point prometheus in filing cabinet.
39. Damage Research 2 In library 2nd floor on a desk.
40. Hacker's Delight 3 In failsafe armory next to rosie helmets.
41. Human Inferno 2 Purchase at gatherer's garden.

Tenenbaum Gifts
42. Safecracker Rescue 6 little sisters.
43. Armored Shell 2 Rescue 15 little sisters.
44. Prolific Inventor Rescue 18 little sisters.

Research Bonuses
45. Natural Camoflage Research level 2 houdini splicers.
46. Scrounger Research level 2 leadhead splicers.
47. Sportboost Research level 2 thuggish splicer.
48. Photographer's Eye 2 Research level 2 rosie.
49. Wrench Jockey 2 Research level 2 bouncer.
50. Extra Nutrition 3 Research level 4 spider splicer.
51. Sportboost 2 Research level 4 thuggish splicer.
52. Static Discharge 2 Research level 4 leadhead splicer.
53. Security Expert 2 Research level 2 security bot.

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