Blazing Angels: Squadrons Of WWII Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 6


To activate invincibility, pause the game, then hold LT and quickly press X, Y(2), X. Then, hold RT and press Y, X(2), Y. To disable invincibility, enter it a second time.

Rating 3

Vampire MK1

To unlock the Vampire MK1, first unlock the Vampire. Then at the main menu, hold LT + RT and press LB(2), Y(2), X, LB.

Rating 2

Dogfighting hint

During a dogfight, hold in the brake to sharpen your turns. This allows you to get the edge on a turning dogfight when attempting to outmaneuver your opponent. This is best used with the more maneuverable planes like the Gladiator, Zero, Both Hurricanes, and the N1K Shinden. Getting skilled with this will allow you to become a superior dogfighter.

Rating 1

All campaign missions and planes

To unlock all campaign missions and planes, at the main menu hold LT + RT and press X, LB, RB, Y(2), RB, LB, X.

Rating 0


Ace Killer (150 points) Defeat all other aces.
Collector (125 points) Unlock and collect all planes.
Colonel (100 points) Reach the rank of Colonel.
Hero (150 points) Earn all medals.
Survivor (150 points) Outlive your enemies in Arcade mode.
The Ace of Aces (175 points) Get the highest score in all campaign missions.
Veteran (150 points) Beat the game.

Rating 0

"Ace Of Aces" achievement hint

To unlock Ace Of Aces, achieve the highest score in all Campaign missions.

Rating 0

Landing your plane in Guadalcanal

The final invasion force is close to the landing strip. After taking out the tanks, do not go after your secondary target. Instead, land your plane and wait for the flak sequence to conclude. While sitting on the tarmac, an enemy plane will try taking you out. Command your squadron to go into "Defensive" and "Attack" mode. At the conclusion you will be able to switch planes. Note: You only have time for one or two landing attempts before it switches to the "Flak" mode. If this happens, you will have to restart Guadalcanal. If you fail to land your plane, "crash it" before the "Flak" mode begins. You will restart just above the landing strip.

Rating 0

Increase weapon damage

To increase the damage caused by weapons, pause the game, then while holding LT press LB(2), RB. Then, while holding RT press RB(2), LB. To disable it, enter it a second time.

Rating 0

Ace Killer

To unlock Ace Killer, defeat all other Aces.

Rating 0

Desert Recon hint

After taking the first three pictures of the ships, proceed to the desert. Watch your radio signal when it picks up. You should have the two bars to be all fully green. When that happens, you can pick up the camp on the radar.