Blitz: The League II Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 2

Touchdown celebrations

Perform the following Touchdown celebrations by entering the corresponding sequences of buttons after scoring a touchdown:

Air Traffic X, Y, X, B.
Back It Up X, B, Y, B.
Ball Spike A(3), B.
Beer Chug A(2), B(2).
CPR Y(2), B(2).
Dance Fever Y(3), A.
En Garde B(3), X.
Get Down B, A, B, Y.
Golf Putt A, X, Y, B.
Grenade A, X, B, Y.
Gunslinger A(2), B, A.
Hand Exchange B(2), X, A.
Helmet Fling A, X, A, X.
Knighted A(2), Y, X.
Knockout X(2), Y(2).
Man Crush X(3), Y.
Nut Shot Y(2), B, A.
Pinned Y, X, B, A.
Proposal B, X, B, A.
Pylon Darts A, B, A, B.
Pylon Kick B, A(2), B.
Tango Y, X, A, X.
The Fiddler Y, X(2), Y.
The Pooper Y, X, A, B.

Rating 2

NFL easter eggs

  • There is a player named Packrat Jones on the New England Regulars, whose real life counter-part is NFL superstar Pacman Jones. There are also speculations that the New England Regulars are cheating in a game, which is a spoof of the New England Patriots cheating against the Jets in the actual NFL.

  • The "Pitbull Revenge" trophy, where you have to injure Mike Mexico in the prison game, is actually a reference to Michael Vick's alias "Ron Mexico". Also, the award name is actually when Vick got arrested and jailed for a dogfighting ring.

Rating 0


A-Train (10 points) Manually break 3 tackles in any Campaign Mode or Quick Play game.
Alpha Dog (25 points) Train Franchise up to an A+ rating during Campaign Mode.
Anatomy Lesson (20 points) You have caused every possible injury at least once.
Anger Management (15 points) Accumulate 5 late hit icons in a single Campaign Mode game.
Battagliation (15 points) Knock Bruno Battaglia out of the game during the League Championship.
Big Spender (25 points) Spend over a million dollars in Campaign mode.
Bulldozer (10 points) Get 10 sacks with Franchise in one Campaign Mode game.
Contender (10 points) Win a game online.
Dr. Feelgood (15 points) Perform 10 Great Triages over 90% in Campaign Mode.
Early Release (25 points) Beat Prison Ball in Campaign Mode.
Face of the League (130 points) Complete Campaign Mode.
Faithful (15 points) Be faithful to 1 girl throughout Campaign Mode.
Floater (10 points) Intercept 3 passes in Campaign Mode, Quick Play or Online.
Franchise Player (25 points) Win the Division 1 Championship and the League MVP with Franchise.
Full Deck (30 points) Win an Online game with every team in a Ranked Match.
Go Long! (10 points) Gain 450 passing yards in any Campaign Mode game.
Group Hug (10 points) Land 3 three man tackles in any Campaign Mode, Quick Play or Bonus Mode game.
Hall of Fame (40 points) Have your franchise declared the MVP in all three division seasons.
He's Ready (20 points) Complete Training Mode
Hollywood (25 points) Perform 5 different touchdown celebrations in a single Quick Play, Online or Campaign game.
Hot Streak (20 points) Win 5 games in a row online with any teams in a Ranked Match.
House Rules (40 points) Win a game against the computer in every Bonus Mode.
Ironman (10 points) Score 5 TD's and get 5 sacks with Franchise in a single Campaign Mode game.
Jackpot (10 points) Earn $400,000 in one campaign mode game.
King of the Yard (10 points) Shut out the computer in a Bonus Mode game of Prison Ball.
Legendary Rookie (40 points) Beat Division 3 in Campaign Mode.
Legendary Sophomore (80 points) Beat Division 2 in Campaign Mode.
Lockdown (10 points) Shut out an opponent in an online game.
Lucky 7's (10 points) Throw at least 7 TD passes in a single game in Campaign Mode.
MVP (20 points) Have your franchise declared the MVP in any division season.
Magic Hands (10 points) Catch every pass thrown by your QB in any Campaign Mode game.
Main Man (35 points) Get Franchise's Reputation to 25 level or higher in Campaign Mode.
Make it Rain (10 points) Knock New England Captain Packrat James out of the game.
Man Blanket (10 points) Force 3 turnovers with Franchise during a Division Season in Campaign Mode.
Parole Violation (15 points) Injure an opponent with Karl Tirpitz in Campaign Mode.
Pitbull Payback (10 points) Knock Mike Mexico out of the game during Prison Ball in Campaign Mode or Bonus Mode.
Playah (15 points) Hook up with 3 different girls in Campaign Mode.
Power Surge (10 points) Score three TD's in a single quarter in Campaign Mode.
Proposition (10 points) Propose to a cheerleader in any mode of play.
Real Deal (15 points) Win three games in a row online with a Campaign Mode custom team in a Ranked Match.
Return to Sender (10 points) Return two kickoff or punt returns for TD's in any game.
Rushing Attack (15 points) Score 5 rushing TD's in any Campaign Mode game.
Safety Dance (10 points) Force a safety in a single Campaign Mode, Quick Play or Bonus Mode game.
Sandman (15 points) Complete 3+ sacks with Quentin Sands in a single Campaign Mode game.
Showoff (10 points) Perform 10 different TD celebrations with Franchise in Campaign Mode.
Skidmark (10 points) Cause 3 weather slips to your opponent in a Campaign Mode game.
Stiffarmed (10 points) Injure 2 defenders in a single game in Campaign Mode.
Testikill (20 points) Rupture 10 scrotums in any mode of play.
The Clap (10 points) Play someone with the Clap in online play and you get the Clap.
Welcome Rookie (15 points) Win first game of Campaign Mode