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Blitz: The League II Cheats "Touchdown celebrations" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3


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Touchdown celebrations

Perform the following Touchdown celebrations by entering the corresponding sequences of buttons after scoring a touchdown:
Air Traffic X, Y, X, B.
Back It Up X, B, Y, B.
Ball Spike A(3), B.
Beer Chug A(2), B(2).
CPR Y(2), B(2).
Dance Fever Y(3), A.
En Garde B(3), X.
Get Down B, A, B, Y.
Golf Putt A, X, Y, B.
Grenade A, X, B, Y.
Gunslinger A(2), B, A.
Hand Exchange B(2), X, A.
Helmet Fling A, X, A, X.
Knighted A(2), Y, X.
Knockout X(2), Y(2).
Man Crush X(3), Y.
Nut Shot Y(2), B, A.
Pinned Y, X, B, A.
Proposal B, X, B, A.
Pylon Darts A, B, A, B.
Pylon Kick B, A(2), B.
Tango Y, X, A, X.
The Fiddler Y, X(2), Y.
The Pooper Y, X, A, B.

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