Boom Boom Rocket Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 4

Unlockable Fireworks

To unlock the following fireworks, explode the rocket on the corresponding songs on the specified difficulties
8-ball William Tell Overload on Easy.
Apple with arrow William Tell Overload on Hard.
Bat Valkyries Rising on Hard.
Bizarre Creations pumpkin logo Toccata and Funk on Medium.
Butterfly Rave New World on Medium.
Cactus William Tell Overload on Medium.
Cherries Game Over Beethoven on Medium.
Cleff Carmen Electric on Easy.
Club Card Rave New World on Easy.
Crescent moon Tail Light Sonata on Hard.
Crown Carmen Electric on Hard.
Diamond card Hall of the Mountain Dude on Easy.
Dragon Hall of the Mountain Dude on Medium.
Dual musical note Tail Light Sonata
Guitar 1812 Overdrive on Hard.
Heart Game Over Beethoven on Easy.
Heart Card Smooth Operetta on Easy.
Jellyfish Hall of the Mountain Dude on Hard.
Llama Valkyries Rising on Medium.
Rocket ship 1812 Overdrive on Medium.
Saxophone Rave New World on Hard.
Seahorse Game Over Beethoven on Hard.
Single musical note Toccata and Funk on Easy.
Skull Toccata and Funk on Hard.
Smiley Face Smooth Operetta on Medium.
Snowflake Tail Light Sonata on Medium.
Spaceship Carmen Electric on Medium.
Spade card 1812 Overdrive on Easy.
Spider Valkyries Rising on Easy.
on Easy. Flower Smooth Operetta on Hard.

The following fireworks require the bonus downloadable content
Bee Sting of the Bumble Bee on Hard.
Cannon Cannon in D on Medium.
Flame Explode to Joy on Hard.
Four leaf clover Cannon in D on Easy.
Heart with wings Eine Kleine Rochtmusik on Medium.
Helmet Sugar High on Hard.
Horseshoe Cannon in D on Hard.
Hot Air Balloon Sting of the Bumble Bee on Medium.
Raining Cloud Sugar High on Medium.
Scorpion Sugar High on Easy.
Shark Eine Kleine Rochtmusik on Easy.
Tea Pot Explode to Joy on Medium.
Teddy Bear Sting of the Bumble Bee on Easy.
Top Hat Explode to Joy on Easy.
Windmill Eine Kleine Rochtmusik on Hard.

Rating 3

Bonus run

You will get a bonus run when the top right corner reads "X4" and is blinking.

Rating 1


Bonus, Schmonus (5 points) Activate the bonus run.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Award (50 points) Get an "A" rating on 10 songs on medium.
Curtain Call (10 points) Complete 10 songs with any rating.
Honor Roll (15 points) Get an "A" rating for any song on medium.
Johnny 3 Fingers (5 points) Unlock your first firework type.
Johnny No Fingers (25 points) Unlock all firework types.
Pyro (10 points) Achieve 100% hit ratio on any song.
Sore Thumb Award (30 points) Complete 5 laps in an endurance game on hard.
Speeding Ticket (5 points) Complete 3 laps on an endurance game on medium.
Suma Cum Laude (20 points) Get an "A" rating for any song on hard.
The "C" Student (15 points) Get a "C" rating or above on 10 songs on any difficulty.
The Easy "A" (10 points) Get an "A" rating for any song on easy.