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Borderlands 2 Cheats "2000-5000+ EXP/Min" (Xbox 360)

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2000-5000+ EXP/Min

In the Tundra Express, complete all the optional quests for Tiny Tina that lead up to "You Are Cordially Invited: RSVP". This quest requires you to lure Flesh-Stick into Tiny Tina's cave so that she can put him in a trap. The trick is to just kill him. Depending on what level you are (Level appropriate on first playthrough is anywhere from 1800-3000 exp per kill, playthrough 2 is anywhere from 2000-4500 per kill). After you kill Flesh-Stick, simply go back to Tiny Tina and restart the quest. If you are online and playing with friends, just have 1 friend stand by Tina while someone else stays by Flesh-Stick's spawn, and he will pop up instantly each time.

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