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Borderlands Cheats "Berserker Speed glitch" (Xbox 360)

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Berserker Speed glitch

After reaching level 5 and getting the Berserk action skill, you can exploit a glitch that allows you to constantly move as fast as you would if you were going berserk while still being able to use all your weapons normally. First, activate the Berserk skill. While Brick is doing the initial hand animation he does at the start of Berserk, immediately hit the BACK button to get to your inventory. This will cancel the Berserk prematurely. You must hit the back button before the hand animation ends or it won't have any effect at all besides just canceling out the action skill. If done right and you exit out of the inventory, you will walk at running speed and run even faster! To return to normal, just activate the Berserk when it recharges again and wait until the hand animation is done. Once it is, just wait or exit out of Berserk by going to the inventory and it will reset to normal.

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