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Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway Cheats "Kilroy drawings" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  PC


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Kilroy drawings

Find a Kilroy drawing in the following locations:

Operation Market

  • Enter the windmill area and search the small shed on the right.

  • Enter the farmhouse as instructed by the objective. Climb upstairs and enter the bathroom. Walk to the window. Turn around to exit to find the Kilroy.

  • Enter the location where you first control two fire teams before you enter the glider crash site. Go nearthe shed on the right just before you cross the road to enter the crash site. Look through the window in the shed to find the Kilroy.


  • After climbing the windmill you will see a woman hanged at a set of barns. Walk upstairs to the top of that barn. Follow the walkway until you are facing towards the west to find the Kilroy on the wall.

  • Go downstairs inside the manor house and enter the garden. Continue until you encounter a machine gunner shooting on the ground floor, to your left as you exit the doorway. Turn to the right to find a Kilroy on the wall.

  • After the intermission sequence showing you crossing the river to reach the bridge, look to the left to see two parked cars and a few upturned rowboats. Go to the rowboats and look to the wall next to them.

Written In Stone

  • Enter the church and get to the upper floor. Move towards the back of the church and look for some wooden walkway planks. After crossing over the planks, look to the left to see some alcoves. The Kilroy is in the second alcove.

  • Get past the barricade and complete the "Destroy The German Fuel Supply" objective. You will enter a garden area with some dug in Nazis and a machine gunner in a window on the top floor of a building. Immediately follow the path to the south. When the path turns west you can find the Kilroy on the wall.

  • Move up the street from the first gun you destroyed as part of an objective. Find the building with green canopies on your right. On the lefthand side and almost directly opposite is a building with black and white striped canopies covering its windows. On the side of this building is a route leading west. Go around to the rear of the building. Jump over the wall. In the next garden is a Kilroy next to a Lager Bier poster.

Operation Garden

  • After ordered to secure the ground floor of the starting area, go to the hole in the wall where the gun emplacements are located. Move north through the door to enter a narrow flooded area. Go to the end to find a Kilroy on the wall.

  • After given the order to clear the top floor of the warehouse an intermission sequence showing you ascending in an elevator. Afterwards, go to the doorway to the west. Immediately turn right to face north after you enter the doorway. The Kilroy is on the wall.

  • After getting the objective to clear the roof and the intermission sequence ends, kill the sniper on the "PHILLIPS" from a distance. Stand under the "PH" in "PHILLIPS" without being on the platform and turn north. Walk north until you reach a wall, then turn east. The Kilroy in front of you. Note: If you stand on the platform with "PHILLIPS" the storyline will continue and cause this Kilroy to be missed.

Baptism Of Fire

  • Use the front door next to the flames to enter the gas station. Enter the second room to the east. When you enter the small doorway, turn around to face south to find Kilroy on the wall.

  • Leave the bomb shelter, enter the area after the long corridor. After the intermission sequences featuring Peter's face you will enter a ruined area. Go east from your starting point on the lower floor. Go through the archway and continue ahead until you reach an open room. Move east towards the hole in the east wall in the room. Approach the hole and turn around to face west. The Kilroy is on the left side of the wall in front of you.

  • After the intermission sequence showing Frankie running off with a woman in white you enter a small back alley area on fire with Nazis. Kill the Nazis and locate the arch in the northern part of this area. Instead of passing through it, go west and follow the steps going down to find a Kilroy on the wall.

The Rabbit Hole

  • Enter the hospital. Climb through the window and move east towards the fires. Go through the door next to the fire and immediately go east past a pair of beds. Go through the door in the south to get on the other side of the fires. Go through the doorway towards the south, opposite from where you entered. A Kilroy is behind the green screen opposite an eye test chart.

  • While searching for Frankie you will reach a greenlit open room where you must climb through a window to continue. After entering a kitchen, look on the west wall to find a hole. Turn around and move east. Go through the double doors and follow the corridor. A Kilroy is on the wall to your right as you walk towards the end of the corridor.

  • Enter the hole in the wall in the kitchen near where the previous Kilroy was located. After entering the dark space, keep moving north. You might be able to glimpse the Kilroy through a gap in the wall. After the intermissino sequence, continue through the dark space and exit from the hole. Move west and exit the doorway to the north. Go to the west and enter the room on your left. The Kilroy is on the north wall.

Black Friday

  • Clear the market square and go through a building then out into an open area. Find the coffee shop to the left. On the side of the coffee shop is an alley. Move east down the alley and flank the Nazis. Move towards and approach the wooden barnlike structure. You will find a small shed on your right with Lager/Bier poster. Get over the wall next to the shed. A Kilroy is on the side of the shed.

  • Enter the area past the church. Move towards the municipal building and enter the area of narrow streets. Find the location where there are buildings with a Dutch flag on your left and right. Enter the building on your left. When you exit, you will see a truck to the south. A Kilroy is on the wall next to that truck.

  • Exit the municipal building and take a right turn next to the building with the Dutch flags on your right. Move to the east, destroying the first tank, and ignore the second tank. Walk around the triangularroofed building with a flower pot outside the door at the end. A Kilroy is on the wall next to where the second tank is parked.

Hell's Highway

  • Move up the road towards the 88mm gun emplacement. There is a Kilroy on the back wall of the building next to the gun. To find it, stand next to the gun before destroying it and move east, then north and around the back of the building. The Kilroy is next to a trough.

  • Move towards the second 88 mm gun emplacement. Move through the barn. When exit the structure, look to the left to see sandbags and a camo truck. Notice the small building and a few cylindricalshaped structures near the truck. Search the side of the smaller building to find a Kilroy.

  • Get past the intermission sequence featuring you entering the burning train station house. Reunite with your squad. Climb up the stairs of the water tower where you can climb up the stairs. Reach the top of the first set of stairs to find a Kilroy on the flat part of the bricks under the water tank.

Tooth And Nail

  • Get past the sand dunes at the start of the mission. Kill the Nazis at the dug in second 88mm gun emplacement. Stand next to the gun emplacement and turn to the south. You should see a bunker. Enter it from the side you are facing. Look to the left as you enter to find a Kilroy.

  • After the windmill intermission sequence, move east through the first small barn. Go to the large building past it. You will see a few barrels to the right and a truck in front of you. Enter the large barn through the right side of the two double doors. Turn around to find a Kilroy on the west wall.

  • Clear the area around the third 88mm gun emplacement. Stand next to the gun emplacement and turn to the west. Go towards the house with flower pots on the window sills. Move to the right around the side of that house. Find the grey truck on your right. There is a small shed with a Kilroy on the wall.

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