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Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway Cheats "Recon points" (Xbox 360)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  PC


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Recon points

Go to the following locations in a mission and press [Recon].

Operation Market
Windmill: Climb into the windmill then look out of the window.

Crash Site: Search the crashed glider.

Windmill: Climb up to the top of the windmill when the mission starts.

Son Bridge: Immediately turn around after the intermission sequence showing you crossing the river. Go to the destroyed bridge.

Written In Stone
Butcher Shop: Destroy the four trucks, then move up the street to reach a red and white striped barricade. Stand close to the striped barriers without going past and recon from here.

Kloosterdreef 88mm: Destroy the first gun emplacement as indicated by your objective. Stand between the green hut to your right and the empty crates to your left. Face the destroyed gun.

Operation Garden
Complex Map: When you start the mission, climb up the stairs next to the oil drums. Enter the room on the left. Stand in front of the desk with papers on it.

Irish Guard: After being ordered to clear the upper floor of the warehouse, get to the upper floor walkway that joins both buildings. Get to the debris at the center of the walkway.

Baptism Of Fire
Hillside Vista: Turn around when the mission starts and go south up the hill to the sandbags. Stand behind the sandbags.

Gas Station: Climb up the embankment and approach the gas station before crossing the road. The recon point is in front of a tree.

The Rabbit Hole
Dead End Room: Follow the route given for the objective until entering the kitchen. Go through the small hole in the wall and shoot through the weakened wood on your left. Climb over, move south then west and go right to the end of the corridor.

Photographs: Exit the passage entered from the hole in the kitchen wall. Go to the east and proceed until you find room with a radio and another hole in the wall. Go to the photos on the table next to the radio.

Black Friday
Market Square: Move west at the start of the mission. Kill the Nazis where there is a destroyed house to the west. Face the house and stand near the telephone pole on the left.

M9 "Bazooka" Cache: After facing the tank when exiting the municipal building, look to the west to find the "Bonifaas" store. Stand in front of that store.

Hell's Highway
Wrecked Convoy: Enter the barn as you approach the second 88mm gun emplacement. Go to the front of the barn and next to the circular hay bail.

Station Map: Go to the top floor of the station house.

Tooth And Nail
Sand Dunes: Stay towards the left as you move down the sand dunes. Find the tree in a corner next to a wooden fence with a log next to it. Look back in the direction from where you traveled.

The Link Up: Drive the tank and find the field on the left with pot holes and a single apple tree. You should see it just before you rendezvous with the other Allied tanks. Drive the tank into the corner of the field.

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